XRefHT for Java - Updates since July 2006

2013 February

Sort has been tweaked slightly to treat field boundary as double space (rather than as tab, which Java string comparison considers as equivalent to single space).

2011 February

Extracting from a site now ignores URLs containing the double-dot parent-directory code, thus avoiding problems with generation of repeated entries and error messages about failure to open files with ill-structured pathnames.

2009 February

A change has been made to the database module to avoid its incorrectly rewriting the first part of a buffer instead of writing the later part after crossing a block boundary.

2008 October

Two bugs affecting HTML indexes, that produced malformed tags for names for headings and links from headings, have been corrected.

Various bugs that caused the "Anchor headings" menu item not to work have been corrected.

Clicking the "Cancel" button when prompted for a URL prefix now sets the prefix to the empty string, instead of to "null".

2007 March

The default template from the .jar file is now used in creating an HTML index if a separate xretempl.htm file is not supplied.

A function has been added to check the list for three common sources of problems: different headings that file identically; headings with trailing blanks; and headings lacking both subheadings and URLs.

Sorting has been fixed to ensure upper and lower case forms file together.

2006 December

In HTML index creation, list items with empty URLs no longer produce links to ""; such items can thus be used to insert notes, definitions, or the like under appropriate headings.

2006 September

Some support has been added for URLs that require user names and passwords.

Functions to create entries by extraction from an entire site, either local or accessible by URL, have now been added, both in the main menus and in scripts.

2006 August

Entries can now be created by extraction directly from URLs, both from the main menus and in scripts.

A couple of coding errors that introduced underlines into extracted titles have been corrected.

Routines for saving, loading, copying, and pasting item lists have been modified to permit including double quotes in headings, subheadings, and URLs, following the conventions in the Microsoft Excel CSV format. This change allows the use of pseudo-URLs like the following:

popup.htm" target="_blank

February 27, 2013.
Tim Craven