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1. Flag of Bhutan

Flag of Bhutan

One of the coolest national flags in the world, such an awesome dragon.


2. Flag of Wales

Flag of Wales

Welsh dragon.


3. Flag of Moscow

Flag of Moscow

St. Stephen slaying the dragon.


4. Presidential Standard of Lithuania

Presidential Standard of Lithuania

Unicorn and a griffin, bad ass.


5. Flag of Tuscany, Italy

Flag of Tuscany

A pegasus!


6. Flag of Atlanta, Georgia

Flag of Altanta Georgia

Phoenix rising in the south.


7. Flag of Pomeranian Voivodship, Poland

Flag of Województwo Pomorskie

Griffin, what a tongue.


8. Flag of Suwa, Nagano, Japan

Flag of Suwa, Nagano, Japan

A Peng, a mythological giant fish.


9. Flag of Hong Kong (1959-1997)

Flag of Hong Kong

So British, yet so Chinese.


10. Flag of Tibet

Flag of Tibet

In a larger size, because it is so badass. Two snowlions and the rising sun!



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Last updated: April 1, 2014