Teaching stuff

This page covers my resources for teachers and teaching. If you're one of my students, you're probably looking for this page instead.

Philosophy of food

At the heart of my class "Are We Eating Good Food?" is the database, which (as of November 28, 2012) holds 4,661 potential readings, including philosophical essays, policy papers by partisan think tanks, and lots of news and web clippings. During the first few meetings of the class, the students choose topics, then use the database (with some help and oversight from me) to find readings.


Applescripts for my grading workflow

I accept, grade, and return all assignments electronically. Here's how, using these Applescripts.

  1. Students email DOC, DOCX, or RTF files to me. The script incoming papers.scpt saves the files to my "to be graded" folder.
  2. For some classes, students will hand in 4+ papers of a single kind; these get labeled and numbered with the script add SR to filenames.scpt.
  3. Sometimes I do some peer commenting/response assignments. Once these have been emailed to me, I send them on to the author of the original paper using the script forward SRs.scpt.
  4. I grade papers using the Track Comments function on Microsoft Word. I hate using Word, but it's the only robust commenting software that I can assume all of my students have access to.
  5. Grades are extracted from papers using the script extract grades from papers.scpt, then recorded in a spreadsheet. Finally the paper is returned using the script return papers.scpt, which automatically identifies the student by her or his email address.


I write about teaching on my blog from time to time.