'Order' was inspired by a number of works by architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959).


Wright stated that 'the space within becomes the reality of the building'.


For me as a Cancer Researcher, this idea evokes the inherent order within cells, before genomic instability alters molecular integrity and leads to the cancer phenotype.


leaded stained glass (50 cm X 50 cm)

In cancer, 'Transformation' occurs as  'Order' is lost in cells.


The initiator of this process in genomic instability due to genetic and epigenetic

changes in the cell.


I visualize this process as a ripping apart of the cell’s normal order as the new cancer characteristics emerge.


leaded stained glass (50 cm X 50 cm)



Assembly of ‘Order’.

Glass pieces cut prior to assembly of ‘Transformation’.

"Cell Cycle" 50 cm X 50 cm leaded stained glass designed and built by David Rodenhiser (c) 1999


I've included a number of biology-related icons within this piece to highlight embryonic development and the cell's proliferative cycle.


This idea started as a small

sketch and ended up on the

cover of EMBO journal

(volume 18, issue 17)

‘Cell Cycle’

‘Deco Window 2005’

‘Trillium 2003’

‘Wine and Grapes 2005’

‘Sails 1999’

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Stained Glass Craftsmen:

Sunrise Stained Glass

Increasingly, my science and my art are becoming intertwined.

Glass is a terrific medium with which to explore colour, texture, form and design.

I've been at this for about ten years.

Sails: copyright David Rodenhiser, 1999

The last piece in this tryptich (‘Metastasis’) is now under construction (photos soon)