Gillies group researchers as of January 2013:

Graduate Students

Amira Moustafa (MESc student)

Bo Fan (MSc student)

Melessa Salem (MESc student, jointly supervised with S. Rohani)

Namrata Jain (MSc student)

Tyler Cuthbert (MSc student, jointly supervised with P. Ragogna)

Inderpreet Sran (MESc student)

Ryan McBride (MESc student)

Bethany Turowec (MESc student)

Andrew Wong (PhD student)

Ryan Guterman (MSc student, jointly supervised with P. Ragogna)

Michael Maris (PhD student)

Darryl Knight (PhD student, jointly supervised with K. Mequanint)

Solmaz Karamdoust (PhD student)

Ali Nazemi (PhD student)

Rasoul Soleimani (PhD student)

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Mahmoud Moustafa

Dr. John Trant

Research Assistant

Aneta Borecki

Undergraduate Students

Nicole Arseneau (undergraduate volunteer)

Kathleen Winger (undergraduate volunteer)

Alexandra Huynh Do (undergraduate volunteer)

James Trevor McIntosh (4th year thesis student)

Group alumni

Matthew McEachran (MSc, 2013)

Fatimah Al-Garni (MSc student, jointly supervised with J. Wisner)

Jose Samuel Mejia (MSc, 2012)

Dr. Matt DeWit (PhD, 2012)

Thalia Wells (NSERC summer student, 2012)

Long (Calvin) Poon (summer student, 2012)

Tyler Schon (4th year thesis student, BSc, 2012)

Katelin Spiler (undergraduate volunteer, winter 2012)

Dr. Wei Wu (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2011-2012)

Dr. Christa Homenick (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2010-2012)

Dr. Eric Chen (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2010-2012)

Greg Zilinskas (MESc 2011)

Ryan Amos (MESc 2011)

Victoria Mackey (4th year thesis, BSc 2011)

Carlos Torres (4th year thesis, BSc 2011)

Jesse Lam (4th year thesis, BEng 2011)

Dr. Colin Bonduelle (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2009-2010)

Katelyn Atkins (MSc 2010)

Jules Pereira Gomes (visiting student from France, summer 2010)

Shaniece Walker (undergraduate volunteer, summer 2010)

Rebecca Stuchbury (summer student and 4th year thesis, BSc 2010, jointly supervised with S Mittler and K. Mequanint)

Spencer Serin (4th year thesis, BSc 2010)

Dr. Romain Perrier-Cornet (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2008-2010)

Jessica Watson (MSc 2009)

Dr. David Thompson (Postdoctoral Fellow, joint with LANXESS and Surface Science Western, 2008-2009)

Eric Keske (summer student and 4th year thesis, BSc 2009)

Flavie Bondu (visiting student from France, 2009)

Annelise Beaton (summer student and 4th year thesis, BSc 2009)

Brian Malbrecht (NSERC summer student, 2009)

David Lopez (summer student, 4th year thesis, BEng 2009)

Dr. Greg Davidson (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2008)

Amanda Martin (MSc 2008)

Bo Li (MSc 2008)

Kevin Lin (summer student, 2008)

Zixi Wang (summer student, 2007)

Omar de Rita (summer student, 2007)

Janice Calzavara (4th year thesis, BSc 2007)

Chun Yan Chan (4th year thesis, BSc 2007)

The Gillies Group May 2009

front row left to right - Matt DeWit, Darryl Knight, Colin Bonduelle, Jessica Watson; middle row - Beth Gillies, Solmaz Karamdoust, Aneta Borecki; back row - Brian Malbrecht, Annelise Beaton, Romain Perrier-Cornet, Michael Maris, David Thompson, Flavie Bondu, Eric Keske, Patrick Crewdson

The Gillies Group November 2008

left to right - Taylor Isimjan, Greg Davidson, Romain Perrier-Cornet, Michael Maris, Beth Gillies, Darryl Knight, Eric Keske, Katelyn Atkins, David Thompson, Solmaz Karamdoust, Jessica Watson, Matt De Wit, Patrick Crewdson

The Gillies Group May 2008

left to right - Michael Maris, Katelyn Atkins, Jessica Watson, Beth Gillies, Matt De Wit, Bo Li, Amanda Martin, Kevin Lin, Eric Keske, Taylor Ismayil, Darryl Knight, missing - David Lopez

The Gillies Group goes curling..... December 2007

left to right - Taylor Ismayil, Matthew De Wit, Elizabeth Gillies, Jessica Watson, Michael Maris, Amanda Martin, Katelyn Atkins, Bo Li

The Gillies Group May 2007

left to right - Zixi Wang, Matt De Wit, Mike Maris (back row), Jessica Watson, Amanda Martin, Beth Gillies (front row), missing - Bo Li, Eric Keske

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