The "McWick"
UP Demand-Driven Humidifier

Photographs of a demand driven humidifier to allow UPs to work better in dry or changing climates.
You are free to use the idea to make your own humidifier as you wish.
Please share your results or comments on the UP newsgroup.
Dry air evaporates more moisture, moist air less. The humidifier covers the bellows intake. I my case I used a 35mm film canister ring with a wick leading into a brass tube water reservoir. This was capped with the top and treads from a plastic bottle attached with a glue gun. The cap and side of cassette was drilled to accept the wick..Window  Screening covers splayed wick on both sides, tacked with glue gun. I am available for personal comment or abuse at

-dampen the loose end of the wick and the wick under protective screen
-fill water tube and place water tube over lose end of wick which is attached to the black ring via the white cap
-place ring on air intake of bellows
-after use, empty water tube, recap and store in pipe case as a humidifier.