Frank Davey's Books

D-Day and After.  Vancouver:  Tishbooks, 1962.
City of the Gulls and Sea.  Victoria, 1964.
Bridge Force.  Toronto:  Contact Press, 1965.
The Scarred Hull.  Calgary:  Imago, 1966.
Four Myths for Sam Perry.  Vancouver:  Talonbooks, 1970.
Weeds.  Toronto: Coach House Press, 1970.
Griffon.  Toronto:  Massassauga Editions, 1972.
King of Swords.  Vancouver:  Talonbooks, 1972.
L’an trentiesme:  Selected Poems 1961-70.  Vancouver: Vancouver Community Press, 1972.
Arcana.  Toronto: Coach House Press, 1973.
The Clallam.  Vancouver:  Talonbooks, 1973.
War Poems.  Toronto: Coach House Press, 1979.
The Arches:  Selected Poems, ed. and introduced by bpNichol.  Vancouver:  Talonbooks, 1981.
Capitalistic Affection!.  Toronto: Coach House Press, 1982.
Edward & Patricia.  Toronto: Coach House Press, 1984.
The Louis Riel Organ & Piano Company.  Winnipeg:  Turnstone Press, 1985.
The Abbotsford Guide to India.  Victoria, B.C.:  Press Porcépic, 1986.
Postcard Translations.  Toronto: Underwhich Editions, 1988.
Postenska Kartichka Tolkuvanja, tr. Julija Veljanoska. Skopje: Ogledalo, 1989.
Popular Narratives. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 1991.
The Abbotsford Guide to India, Gujarati translation by Nita Ramaiya. Bombay: Press of S.N.D.T. Women's University, 1995.
Cultural Mischief: A Practical Guide to Multiculturalism. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 1996.
Dog. Calgary: House Press, 2002.
Back to the War. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2005.
Risky Propositions. Ottawa: above/ground press, 2005.
Lack On! Massassauga, 2009.
Johnny Hazard. Armstrong, BC: bytheskinofmeteethbooks, 2009.
How We Won the War in Iraq. Massassauga, 2009.
Bardy Google. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2010.
Afghanistan War. True, False, or Not. Massassauga, 2010.
Canonical Canadian Literature. Massassauga, 2011.
Spectres of London Ont. Massassauga, 2012.

Five Readings of Olson’s ‘Maximus’.  Montreal:  Beaver-Kosmos, 1970.
Earle Birney. Toronto:  Copp Clark, 1971 (Studies in Canadian Literature 11).
From There to Here: A Guide to English-Canadian Literature since 1960 (Our Nature/Our
    Voices, Vol. 2). Erin Ont.:  Press Porcepic, 1974.
Louis Dudek and Raymond Souster.  Vancouver:  Douglas and McIntyre, 1981 (Studies in
    Canadian Literature 14).
The Contemporary Canadian Long Poem.  Lantzville:  Island Writing Series, 1983.
Surviving the Paraphrase:  11 Essays on Canadian Literature.  Winnipeg:  Turnstone Press,
Margaret Atwood:  a Feminist Poetics.  Vancouver: Talonbooks 1984.
Reading Canadian Reading. Winnipeg: Turnstone Press, 1988.
Post-National Arguments: The Politics of the Anglophone-Canadian Novel Since 1967. 
     Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1993.
Canadian Literary Power: Essays on Anglophone-Canadian Literary Conflict. Edmonton:
     NeWest Press, 1994. 
aka bpNichol: A Preliminary Biography. Toronto: ECW Press, 2012.

Reading ‘KIM’ Right. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 1993.
Karla's Web: A Cultural Examination of the Mahaffy-French Murders. Toronto:
     Viking/Penguin, 1994. Revised edition 1995.
Mr and Mrs G.G. Toronto: ECW Press, 2003.

How Linda Died: A Memoir. Toronto: ECW Press, 2002.
When TISH Happens: The Unlikely Story of "Canada's Most Influential Literary Magazine". Toronto: ECW Press, 2011.

Tish 1-19, edited with an introduction and index.  Vancouver:  Talonbooks, 1975.
Mrs. Duke’s Million by Wyndham Lewis, edited with an afterword. Toronto: Coach House
    Press, 1977; London: Prior, 1978.
Given Names: New and Selected Poems 1972-1985 by Judith Fitzgerald, edited with an introduction. Windsor: Black Moss Press, 1985.
Deeds/Abstracts by Greg Curnoe, edited with an introduction. London: Brick Books, 1995.
Deeds / Nations by Greg Curnoe, edited with Neal Ferris, foreword by Frank Davey. London,
    ON, London Chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society, 1996.