Getting Away


Children who get away are usually found at neighbours
unless they live on farms or in forests.
Wayward spouses are often found with lovers.

Teenagers who get away are often found living
on downtown city streets or in shelters for the homeless.
Dogs that run away are sometimes found with lovers.

City dogs that get away are found by the Humane Society
or concerned citizens.
Dog show dogs that get away are followed by groups of people
variously shouting loose dog! don’t chase him! stop that dog!

Don’t touch her! yelled the Rottweiler breeder at Oromocto
when her young bitch, trailing her leash,
swerved in & out of the terrier ring.
Everyone stood back, including the terriers.

My teenage son used to climb out his third-floor window after bedtime
but usually climbed back up before breakfast.

My brindle Dane bolted out the front door
& broadsided a Chevy Nova. The dog was unhurt
& happy to come back home. The car was insured.

Small children dart out from between parked cars.
Older children become chronic runaways.
Some breeds have behaviour problems.
Some car models are high risk.

Most runaways believe they can come back when they want to.
Risks at home & away from home are difficult to calculate.
Few dogs knowingly run away from home.

Copyright © Frank Davey 2004