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Frank Davey Texts Online


"Agnes Bernauer" (1991)

"Dead in France" (for bpNichol, 1988)

"HMAS Sydney's Wreck" (2008)

"Multiple Choice Games for Hiroshima Day" (1996)

"The Piano" (1982)


How Linda Died (2002)

Dismantling John Ralston Saul and Adrienne Clarkson in Mr & Mrs GG (2003)


"Toward the Ends of Regionalism" (1998)

As For Me and My House (1992)

"Poetry, Audience, Politics and Region" (1992)

"A History of the Coach House Press Quebec Translations" (1995)

"'AND Quebec': Canadian Literature and its Quebec Questions" (1997)

"bpNichol +10." (1998)

"Louis Dudek's 'Functional Poetry'" (2001)

"Al Purdy, Sam Solecki, and the Poetics of the 1960s" (2002)

"The Anglophone-Canadian Nancy Huston" (2004)

Review of Pauline Butling and Susan Rudy's Writing in Our Time: Canada's Radical Poetries in English (2005)

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