Review, Analysis and Reporting of an Exemplary Educational Web Site


Below is some of the criteria you may wish to consider in developing your Educational Web Site Reporting Form.



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Name of Site:                                                                                                            


Site URL:                                                                                                                     



1. Web Site Summary and Purpose

What information does the web site provide? What is its purpose? Are there uniques features that make this web site stand out from similar sites?


2. Evaluation



Current Accurate - Good Taste Reliable - Error free Unbiased Useful - Easy too Understand no advertising - valuable


Author contact listed Author is qualified Qualifications/background given Author affiliation Date of last update given



Entertain, persuade, educate, or sell - Informational Commercial - Do you need to register?


Technical Design

Easy to Navigate - Links easy to find - Links are active - Text easy to read Not cluttered -  Good colour contrasts - Small image size Pages load quickly - Pages not too long Site is aesthetically pleasing Consistent page layout good screen design, e.g. images, text, tables

3. Student Application
How would you use this site with your students?  What kind of activities would you assign? 

Other Comments