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Contact Information:

James A. Voogt Ph.D.
Dept. of Geography
University of Western Ontario
London ON
N6A 5C2

Voice: (519) 661-2111 x 85018
Fax:    (519) 661-3750

Email: javoogt@uwo.ca




Potential Graduate Student Projects for September 2014

Summer Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students: NSERC USRA   Contact me in advance to discuss potential projects - the deadline is mid January 2014.

My research focuses on urban microclimates and specifically the study of urban surface temperatures. The research uses a combination of thermal imaging from ground, airborne and space-based platforms and surface climate data and models. Topics of current interest include the analysis of thermal anisotropy over urban areas, use of thermal imaging to study urban surface characteristics and processes, modeling urban surface temperatures, and surface urban heat islands. I am looking for graduate students (MSc or PhD) with interests in urban climatology or thermal remote sensing of urban surfaces.  Feel free to contact me if you are interested and/or have questions.

Information on the formal application process is available here.