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LEAERSTF: London Energy and Air Emissions Reduction Strategy Task Force.

The Task Force report is in response to the recommendation by ETC that the City of London develop an energy/air emission reduction strategy with the overall goal of reducing CO2 emissions and smog so as to improve the air quality in the City of London and reduce global warming. This report (in combination with the 1995 Air Emissions Study commissioned by the City) presents an Action Plan that includes measures to achieve energy and air emissions reductions and monitor future emissions.

Download a PDF version of the Task Force Report. Bound versions available from City Hall.

The Task Force Recommendations have led to City Council approving a new Energy Management Coordinator who will work from the Health Unit.

See the Environment and Transportation Committee Report from Aug 28, 2000 or keep up-to-date with ETC reports to London City council and upcoming business: ETC agendas.

Here are some sample figures regarding past, present and future energy use and equivalent CO2 emissions in London (click on the thumbnail for a full size image). 

london_energy_use.jpg (73805 bytes)denergy_use90-98.jpg (78922 bytes)london_targets.jpg (75147 bytes)

You can make a contribution to this task force and to the environment in London by reducing your energy use and pollutant emissions.

Your contribution will also benefit the global environment; CO2 is a well mixed gas in the atmosphere, therefore local action will contribute to the global environment.

How can you help?

1. Improve the energy efficiency of your home.
        invest in energy efficient appliances
        use high efficiency lighting

2. Reduce your transportation energy use:
        tune up your vehicle
        drive less
        invest in a higher fuel efficiency vehicle

To estimate your own CO2 emissions try the Canadian Climate Change Calculator or the other CO2 Emissions Calculator or try some  online Global Warming Games.

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