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Thermal Remote Sensing of Urban Surface Climates 

Agency: NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada)

Summary: The overall objective of the research is to develop and test appropriate methodologies for the measurement of urban surface temperatures by remote sensors to ensure that the surface temperature measured are representative of the true urban surface and so that thermal remotely sensed data may be better utilized in applications related to the study of urban climates.

Components of this research include:

bulletConducting detailed observations of micro to meso-scale temperature distributions of urban areas using remote sensing techniques that incorporate the full 3-D temperature structure of urban surfaces. 
bulletDevelopment and testing of improved 3-D geometrical models for the assessment of thermal anisotropy from urban surfaces
bulletDevelopment of simple empirical models of thermal anisotropy for urban and other rough surfaces.
bulletModelling heat fluxes over urban areas.
bulletAssessment of the surface urban heat island

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