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Group Fun

5 year lab anniversary with current and past group members! - August 2018 - (L to R): David, Devon, Nick, Matt, Ava, Kyle, Johanna, James, Ben, Scott
Group Photo- May 2018 (L to R): (Back row) Matt, James, (Front row) Devon, Kyle, Nick, Ava, Ben, Johanna
Group Photo- September 2017 (L to R): (Back row) Johanna, Ava, Kyle, Nick, Helen, (Front row) James, Scott, Devon, David, Matt
Group Photo- May 2017 (L to R): (Back row) Ava, Ben, Amanda, Nick, (Front row) Justin, Scott, Johanna, James, Matt

Group Photo-October 2016 (L to R): Scott, Deven, Justin, Alex, Kyle, James, Ava, Ben, Helen, Johanna. 
Group Photo-June2016 (L to R): Johanna, Ava, Scott, Cam, James, Ben
Group - April 2016 - (L to R): Scott, Lizzy, Elias, James, Johanna, Richard (Alumni of the group), Ethan, Jenn, Ava
Group - Fall 2015
Group - Summer 2015
Group - Fall 2014
Chem 4491 Day! April 2016
Paper celebration! November 2016


Happy 5th year lab anniversary!, August 2018

James gave a talk at CSC 2017, Toronto, Canada

Scott presenting his poster at CSC 2017, Toronto, Canada

Ben presenting his poster at CSC 2017, Toronto, Canada

Ava having lobster in Halifax. CSC 2016

Richard's last day (Winter 2016)


Group rock climbing and Richard's birthday (Fall2015)

Banquet-IDW2015-Royal Military College of Canada


CSC 2015. Ottawa, Canada

JP's last day


Happy Birthday our Dear Johanna (Summer2015)



Ava defended her PhD! - August 2018

Ava presenting her poster at CSC 2017, Toronto, Canada

Amanda presenting her poster at CSC 2017, Toronto, Canada

Ava and Vanessa(Ragogna's group) in Peggys Cove. CSC2016

Ava's paper is out! (Winter 2017)

James right after his 9658 talk! (Winter 2016)
Richard's last day
Ava gave a talk-48th Inorganic Discussion Weekend (IDW2015), Kingston, Canada
James, Richard, Kate, and Ava eating Beaver Tails in Ottawa at CSC 2015
Oh My Gosh its Over! Spring 2015
Group BBQ and Johanna's Birthday (Summer2015)
London Knights game (Spring 2015)
London Knights game (Spring 2015)
2014 Annual Chemistry Golf Tournament