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I am a proud Canadian with a Czech heritage. See my biography

Also see my Applied Math web page

Also see my Applied Math web page with my detailed heritage

That's me above standing in front of an Italian Palace from the 1700's near Prague, Czech Republic. There were beautiful mazes of hedges.

That's me with "Orza" perched on my arm, just outside Karlshtein Castle, Czech Republic.

Our horse carriage that we rode up the hill to Karlshtein Castle.
A snapshot corner of Karlshtein Castle, Czech Republic. There were castles with bears living in pits and peacocks.

Click here for a very helpful website for travelling in the Czech Republic as suggested to me by Frantisek Smutny of

Here's a recent picture of my family at Bertoldi's Italian Restarant in London, Ontario (My Dad, my sister Zora, my sister Sandra and her son Cole and I are celebrating my sister Zora's birthday)

Here's a picture of me pretending to be a Scottish cowboy!

I just got back from a vacation in beautiful Dutch St. Maarten and French St. Martin as well as the British island of Anguilla. We enjoyed a sunset dinner, wine and dancing cruise on the Catamaran sailboat "Tango" and we enjoyed a super fast ride to the posh French island of St. Bart's and made several snorkelling stops near the British island of Anguilla. Below is a picture of the fast boat that whisked us away to St. Bart's and Anguilla. The boat is called "Swaliga" which was the original name of St. Martin before Christopher Columbus renamed it. "Swaliga" means salt island.

We enjoyed some delicious French Desserts at this beachside restaurant in St. Bart's.

Here is a boatside picture of the British island of Anguilla where we snorkelled around caves with flying bats.

More pictures will be posted soon. Here is a poem that I wrote about charming St. Maarten/St. Martin.

And let's not forget the shopping malls on St. Martin.

And of course the nightlife!

Here is a picture of a Canadian moose that I saw in Algonquin Park, Ontario on July 20, 2009. We took a drive to Algonquin Park while we stayed at a rented cottage on Lake Simcoe.

Here is a Winzip file of my portaging trip to Loon Lake north of Barrie, Ontario. I went along with friends and relatives of my close friend Rom Kowalski. Rom was my Polish landlady's son who worked as a shift supervisor at McDonnell-Douglas before he got cancer and died. I hope Rom's relatives don't mind me posting their pictures on my web site. Rom knew a lot about automechanics so he also helped me tinker with my favourite first car which was a bright blue Chevy Z24. I am in my twenties in these photos. Rom was a Boy Scout Leader so we "roughed it" in a Scout Cabin. Us boys went skinny dipping in Loon Lake! Thank God there were no girls around :-) We did have an incident however. While we were sleeping at night we were awoken by this huge buzzing noise. We all freaked out thinking it was a huge bug! But it turned out that Howard had turned his electric razor on by accident! :-)

I went snorkelling at a remote island in the Bahamas and I loved my first time snorkelling! There is so much life (colourful corals and fish) to marvel at in the ocean and sea! Here is a poem that wrote conveying my heartfelt feelings about Hawaii. I love poetry because it comes from the heart.