Raj Vasdev, Chem 4491 student, 2016-2017
                         -Currently - Graduate Student at Western (Workentin Group)

Group Members

Graduate Students

Daniela was born in Toronto, but raised just north of the city in Vaughan. She completed her BSc in Chemistry at Western in 2017 where she worked in the Ragogna and Gillies groups for her Chem 4491. Her undergraduate research involved the synthesis and self-assembly studies of phosphonium containing block copolymers. Her graduate research in the Gilroy Group will involve the synthesis of polymers based on main group adducts of N-donor ligands. Daniela enjoys cooking, yoga, Netflix, creating her own skin care products, as well as spending time with her furry friends- Cocoa (Bichon/ Shih-Tzu) and Charlie (orange Tabby).

Group Alumni

Christopher (Kit) Harrison, 4491 student, 2012-2013
                          -Currently - Business Development and Marketing Associate, Solar Provider Group
Stephanie Barbon, Chem 4491 student, 2012-2013
                          -Currently - Banting PDF, UCSB (Hawker Group)
David Bocking, summer research assistant, summer 2013 
                         -Currently - Graduate student at York University
Pauline Reinkeluers, Chem 4491 student, 2013-2014
                          -Currently - Sales Analyst with Debro Chemicals
Ryan Maar, Chem 4491 student, 2014-2015 & NSERC USRA, summer 2015
                         -Currently - NSERC Graduate Student at Western (Gilroy Group)
Dong-Yup (William) Choi, CAMBR research assitant, summer 2014
                         -Currently - Undergraduate Student at Western
Ethan Sauvé, NSERC USRA, summer 2014 & work study student, 2014-2015
                         -Currently - NSERC Graduate Student at UBC (Hudson Group)
Umesh Yogarajah, work study student, summer 2014
                         -Currently - Pharmacy School, Albany College of Pharmacy

Undergraduate Students

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Jacquelyn Price, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2013-2014
                         -Currently - Research Fellow with FPInnovations
Jas was born in Brampton, Ontario, but raised in Punjab, India with his older brother. He completed his honours B.Sc. in Chemistry at Ryerson University in 2017 where his first exposure to research occurred in the summer of 2015 in the Koivisto group synthesizing novel aryl alkyne BODIPY derivatives. He broadened his research experience by starting in the Foucher group in the fall of 2015 where he worked towards synthesizing conductive silver inks and amino stannyl ferrocenes. He then completed his undergraduate thesis under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Foucher synthesizing polystannanes with “push-pull” behavior. In the Gilroy group his graduate research will focus on the synthesis of stable radical polymers. When not in the lab, Jas enjoys hiking, working out and watching movies.
Jasveer Dhindsa
Daniela Cappello
Samantha Novoa, Chem 4491 student, 2014-2015
                         -Currently - Project Leader, Imperial Oil
Tommaso Romagnoli, Chem 4491 student, 2014-2015 
                         -Currently - Medical School at Western
Jordan LeSarge, work study student, 2014-2015
                         -Currently - NSERC Graduate Student at Western (Luyt Group)
Dr. John Trant, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2014-2015
                         -Currently - Assistant Professor (Windsor Chemistry)
Connor Derome, Chem 4491 student, 2015-2016
                         -Currently - Energy Systems Engineering Technology Program, Centennial College
Aaron Levy, Chem 4491 student, 2015-2016
                         -Currently - Operations Manager, Preston Apartments
Desiree Bender, Chem 4491 student, 2015-2016
                         -Currently - NSERC Grad Student at Ryerson University (Foucher/Gossage Groups)
Jasmine Buddingh, Chem 4491 student, 2015-2016 & NSERC USRA, summer 2015
                         -Currently - OGS Graduate Student at Queen's (Liu Group)
Alex was born and raised in London, Ontario and completed his B.Sc. in Chemistry at the University of Western Ontario in 2016. Before joining the Gilroy/Workentin groups for his M.Sc. studies, he broadened his research experience by working in Dr. Clara Wren's lab in the summer of 2015 studying the corrosion of carbon steel. He was awarded the Undergraduate Pre-Thesis Award as a Chemistry 4491 student in Dr. Mark Workentin's lab, and continued his research through the summer of 2016 focusing on a synthetic protection-photodeprotection strategy towards strained alkyne-functionalized gold nanoparticles. When not in the lab, Alex enjoys playing the violin, canoeing, camping and watching movies.
Alex Van Belois

Undergraduate Students

David Stephens
David was born and raised in London, ON. He completed his B.Sc in Chemistry at Western in 2018. Before joining the Gilroy group, he worked in the Blacquiere group where he studied the reactivity of stabilized low-coordinate palladium species for his Chem 4491 project. He also worked in the Baines group as a summer student where he worked on synthesizing tin catecholate complexes. In his NSERC USRA research project with the Gilroy group, he will be researching boron difluoride formazanate complexes. David enjoys playing chess, video games, and trying to cook in his free time.
Dr. Anastasia Colomba, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2015-2017
                         -Currently - Chem. Eng. Consultant (KPMG)

Graduate Students

Dr. Joseph A. Paquette, OGS & NSERC PhD Student, 2013-2016
                         -Currently - OCE TalentEdge PDF (PolyAnalytik Inc.)
Dr. Amir Rabiee Kenaree, PhD Student, 2013-2016
                         -Currently - PDF at Western (Gillies Group)
Scott Timmermans, Chem 4491 student, 2016-2017
                         -Currently - Operator, Ingredion Canada Inc. 
Dr. Stephanie M. Barbon, OGS & NSERC PhD Student, 2013-2017
                         -Currently - Banting PDF, UCSB (Hawker Group)
Ms. Samantha Novoa, MSc Student, 2015-2017
                         -Currently - Project Leader, Imperial Oil
Ryan was born in Scarborough, ON but raised in the town of Aurora, ON with his younger brother. He moved to London, ON in 2011 to attend The University of Western Ontario (UWO) where he completed his BSc (Hons) in 2015. His honours undergraduate thesis focused on exploring structure-property relationships in anisole-substituted boron difluoride formazanate complexes under the tutelage of Prof. Joe Gilroy. He is currently a third-year NSERC-funded graduate student in the Chemistry program at UWO. His graduate research focuses on the development of novel families of main-group formazanate complexes and aims to understand and modulate the spectroscopic and electrochemical properties afforded by these unique molecular materials. When not in the lab, Ryan enjoys playing a multitude of sports and hanging out with family and friends.
Ryan Maar
Alicia Battaglia
Alicia was born in Brampton, ON and is pursuing an honours specialization degree in Chemistry at Western University. In the Gilroy lab, she is gaining lab experience as a summer undergraduate student by working on the synthesis of stable radical polymers for resistive memory applications. When not in the lab, Alicia enjoys dancing, travelling, and spending time with family and friends.


West Gatineau born and raised, Frank moved to Québec City to complete his BSc in Chemistry in 2010 at Université Laval. Following undergraduate internships in the groups of Profs. Denis Boudreau and Frédéric-Georges Fontaine, Frank undertook a co-supervised MSc under their wing, designing indium-based nanomaterials for fluorescent biodetection assays. Lulled by the sweet call of organic synthesis, he migrated back to his home region to study various sulphur- and nitrogen-rich organic frameworks with application in optoelectronic devices under the tutelage of Prof. Jaclyn Brusso at the University of Ottawa, culminating in his PhD in 2017. Frank has now moved to the Gilroy group to hone his skills by adding polymers and stable radicals to his synthetic repertoire, and will develop stable radical polymers for organic electronics. Outside of the lab, Frank likes to brew and drink beer, as well as remind anyone within earshot of the richness of Québec's history and of its key importance to the moral integrity of a strong united Canada.
Frank Magnan
Sara Catingan, Work study student, 2017-2018
                         -Currently - Intern, Environment Canada 
Benjamin Katzman, Volunteer, 2016-2018
                         -Currently - Prepping for MCAT
Chris Aspros, Chem 4491 student, 2017-2018
                         -Currently - Unknown
Zach Powell, Chem 4491 student, 2017-2018
                         -Currently - Prepping for LSAT