Each slide show is a free-standing executable (.EXE) file that will run on any computer with Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7.

The executable files were compiled with a registered version of PicturesToExe, Version 3.7 by WnSoft Inc. (For information about that program, see

The executable files have been further compressed with PKZIP. After downloading a .ZIP file you will need to decompress it with a utility such as PKUNZIP.EXE

To download PKUNZIP.EXE if you do not have it already, click here. You can also use WINZIP, a larger and more versatile program. To download an evaluation copy of WINZIP, click here.

The files

File Description
  1377441 bytes
Auditory and vestibular systems
  3876979 bytes
CNS Blood vessels; effects of arterial occlusions
  3898990 bytes
Primary cortical areas and functions
    864486 bytes
Cortical neuron types and their circuitry
  1534833 bytes
Cranial nerves slide show (excludes special senses)
  1918107 bytes
Somatic sensory pathways
  1918107 bytes
Visual, ocular motor and vestibular systems
  1275863 bytes
Hypothalamus and pituitary gland
  7769 bytes
Sample final exam questions (zipped WordPerfect file)

Last updated: September 2010
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