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Obtaining books by John Kiernan

September 2011.  Publishers' and other web links have been updated.

Kumar, G. L. & Kiernan, J. A. (Eds) 2010. Education Guide: Special Stains and H & E. 2nd ed. Carpinteria, CA: Dako North America. 300 pages. Printed book available on request from LitReqUS@dako.com or download from either http://www.dako.com/us/08066_special_stains_eduguide.pdf (whole book) or http://www.dako.com/us/index/knowledgecenter/kc_publications_edu/special_stains.htm (individual chapters). 

The 4th edition of Histological and Histochemical Methods (2008) was reprinted, summer 2010. Banbury, UK: Scion Publishing.  ISBN 9781904842422   See Scion's advertisement.


Links in some files updated, September 2010.

Minor revisions to the FAQ, February 2010.


Neuro-slides.  Slide-shows used to illustrate lectures to medical, allied health sciences and graduate students. These are .ZIP files. Each slide show is a single stand-alone .EXE file that will run on computers with Windows 9x, NT, 2000 or XP. Some of the files are large, so allow time for downloading. (March 2008; additions and deletions from time to time)

Other goodies September 2010: Added information about DosBox, a free program that allows DOS-based programs (otherwise incompatible with 64-bit versions of Windows) to run under Windows 7.

Links checked; some updated; two new ones added (February 2010).

New web counters added to some of the pages: 1st February 2010, 8th September 2011.

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Last updated: September 2011

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