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Obtaining books by John Kiernan

Kumar, G. L. & Kiernan, J. A. (Eds) 2010. Education Guide: Special Stains and H & E. 2nd ed. Carpinteria, CA: Dako North America. 300 pages. Printed book available on request from LitReqUS@dako.com or download from either http://www.dako.com/us/08066_special_stains_eduguide.pdf (whole book) or http://www.dako.com/us/index/knowledgecenter/kc_publications_edu/special_stains.htm (individual chapters).

The 10th edition of Barr's The Human Nervous System (2013) is co-authored with Dr Nagalingam Rajakumar. Philadelphia: Wolters-Kluver. ISBN 9781451173277  Publisher's web page.  

The 5th edition of Histological and Histochemical Methods (2015) was published in July 2015. Banbury, UK: Scion Publishing.  ISBN 9781907904325  Also available as an e-book.  See Scion's advertisement.

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