John Nuttall was educated in England at Manchester Grammar Schoool and Cambridge University, where he won a number of major awards, including the Smith's Prize and a research fellowship at St. John's College. At Cambridge his Ph. D. supervisor was Richard J. Eden, who was in turn a Ph. D. student of P. A. M. Dirac.

On leaving Cambridge Dr. Nuttall held academic positions in the US and Canada, where he published extensively in Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics, as well as the mathematical discipline of Approximation Theory.

After retiring early from the the position of Professor of Physics at the University of Western Ontario, Dr. Nuttall has applied his expertise to a number of fields, in particular Financial Economics. Some of the results appear in the reports on this web site.

Dr. Nuttall has had practical experience in the application of Financial Economics to investment management as advisor to one quantitative equity hedge fund and director of research for another.

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