Academic Career
1987-1999 McGill University
Department of Hispanic Studies
Faculty Lecturer
1994-1999 McGill University
Department of Hispanic Studies
Coordinator Spanish Language Courses
1977-1999 Concordia University
Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics
Part Time Faculty
1993-1994 McGill University
1997-1998 Department of Linguistics
  Faculty Lecturer
1988-1998 McGill University
  Continuing Education
  Faculty Lecturer
1991 McGill University
  Faculty of Education
  Faculty Lecturer
1986-1990 Dawson College
  Modern Languages
  Spanish Instructor
July 1, 1999 Appointment to the University of Western Ontario
  Tenure and promotion to Associate Professor, effective July 1, 2004

Promotion to full professor, effective July 1, 2009


2006-2009 Chair, Graduate Program in Hispanic Studies
2011-date Chair, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Undergraduate courses

Intensive Basic Spanish (SP002, now SP1030): An introduction to Spanish for beginners. At the end of the course learners are expected to be able to communicate in basic Spanish and to be able to read and write simple texts.

Intensive Intermediate Spanish (SP020, now SP2200): At the end of this course learners should be able to express themselves with relative fluency in Spanish, to read short stories and short novels, and to write ideas of a certain level of complexity.

Spanish Language (SP201): Includes grammar, vocabulary expansion, reading and discussions.

Spanish Linguistics (SP402G/644b): An introduction to Spanish linguistics.

Spanish Linguistics (SP406G/390b/606a): Bilingualism. This course looks at knowledge and use of two languages in the Spanish speaking world. It examines  bilingualism  from a social, political and cognitive framework.

Spanish Linguistics (SP407G/611a): The acquisition of Spanish. This course looks at different theories of language acquisition as applied to the learning of Spanish.

The structure of Spanish (SP303): this course covers Spanish phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics.

Spanish Syntax (SP4411): This course introduces students to sentence structure using Spanish as a basis.

The first language acquisition of Spanish and English (SP4407/SP9701). Examines the problem of language acquisition from a generative point of view.

Comparative Grammar of English and Spanish (SP2214). Looks at the structure of the two languages, focusing on differences and similarities. Serves as a basic introduction to linguistics.

Languages of Europe (CL2150/Ling2250): This course examines Indo-European languages, their origins and development, and their relation to culture.

Second Language Acquisition (SP3315/Ling2244): Examines de issues regarding the acquisition of second languages from linguistic, psychological, cognitive and social points of view.

The Spanish sentence (SP 3317). An introduction to syntax using Spanish as a basis.

Graduate Courses

Principles of language teaching and acquisition (SP613/SP9613): This course covers current theories of language acquisition in relation to the teaching of Spanish. Designed for the TAs who teach Spanish in the Department, it integrates theory and practice.

Spanish in contact (SP632/SP9705): This course examines the field of contact linguistics, in particular as it relates to Spanish and the languages that come into contact with it. Topics include language maintenance, structural convergence, code switching, mixed languages and pidgins and creoles.

Syntactic Analysis (SP791). An introduction to generative syntax using both English and Spanish as a basis.

Syntactic Analysis applied to Non-Indoeuropean Languages (SP799). This course aims at deepening the students’ understanding of the structure of language by examining phenomena that occur in some of the worlds least well studied languages, such as Nahuatl, Inuktitut, Arabic and Japanese. The languages are chosen because of the particular properties they exhibit.

Principles of Syntactic Analysis (LING 9601/SP9700). An introduction for graduate students to the science of syntax in the generative framework.

The Spanish nominal phrase: syntax, morphology and acquisition (SP9704). The Nominal Phrase serves to introduce graduate students to theoretical approaches to the syntax of Spanish and their relation to acquisition.

Second Language Acquisition (SP9708/Ling9800). An introduction to Generative Approaches to second language acquisition, focusing on recent debates.

Evolution, culture and language (SP9670) Looks at evolutionary theories of the acquisition of culture and language.

Course Coordination

Course Coordination for Portuguese 1030 and 2200, 2009 to 2011
Course Coordination for Spanish 002/1030, 1999 to 2005, 2006 to 2011.
Course Coordination for Spanish 020/2200, 2000 to 2005, 2006 to 2011.
Course Coordination for Spanish 201, 2003-2004
2006-07, organized (with Rafael Montano) the Seminar on Transatlantic Studies SP785Y.
2006-date, organized SP9505y, Seminar on Information Systems and Research Methods.

Course Supervision

Coordination and supervision of Hindi 1030, 2011 to present.
Coordination and supervision of Korean 1030, 2011-2012
Coordination and supervision of Persian 1030, 2013-2014

Course Supervision


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