Let’s Murder Marsha

 Produced in
Association with
The Clinton
Arts and Culture


April 23 - 25, 1998


by special arrangement with
Samuel French (Canada, Ltd.)


Let’s Murder Marsha


Marsha and Tobias Gilmore are a very well-to-do yuppie couple, living near the harbour in Toronto. Marsha is addicted to reading suspense novels, much to the dismay of her husband. When she hears her husband plotting a surprise for her birthday, she misunderstands and thinks he is planning to murder her so he can run off with Persis Devore. The misunderstandings are compounded as the evening progresses until everything becomes totally confused.

Act I Late afternoon on a chilly day in mid-October in the posh Toronto apartment of the Gilmores

Act II

Immediately following Act I.


Immediately following Act II.

The Cast, in order of appearance:

Marsha Gilmore, wife of Tobias . . . . . . . . . . Bernie Pugh
the Gilmores’ maid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Crystal Salm
Persis Devore,
interior decorator . . . . . . . . . . . . Julie Ciufo
Tobias Gilmore,
a Bay Street Broker . . . . . . John Palmer
Virgil Baxter,
a friend and neighbour . . . . . Gary Coursey
Lynette Thoren,
Marsha’s mother . . . . . . Sharon Millard
Ben Quade,
Bianca’s boyfriend . . . . . . . . . . . Scott Wilson

Director, Jean Lubbers

Assistant Director, Sharon Millard


Bernie Pugh — Marsha Gilmore

Bernie is well-known to theatre-goers in Huron County. She has been actively involved with The Clinton Community Players since its beginning in 1986. Her most recent roles include Ginger, the girlfriend, in June Groom and Mickie, the cop, in The Odd Couple. Bernie appreciates all the support from her husband, Dave, and her daughter, Janna, while she is tied up with play rehearsals. Also, she is delighted to have the opportunity to act alongside her daughter, Julie, in this play.

John Palmer — Tobias Gilmore

After moving to Clinton a year and a half ago, John has been involved in the last three productions of The Clinton Community Players. In June Groom, he played Harvey, the rich uncle, and he helped out off-stage in a variety of ways for last fall’s production of The Odd Couple. John also sings in The Blyth Festival Singers and Thatotherchoir. Although he commutes to London two or three times each week, John is enjoying his new life and new friends in Clinton.

Crystal Salm — Bianca

Crystal became interested in drama through her 4-H Drama Club. This is her first performance with The Clinton Community Players. Crystal also devotes considerable time and effort to showing her five-year-old American quarter horse, "I’m JustaStar." Their most exciting achievement to date has been the winning of the All Ontario Walk/Jog Award.

Gary Coursey — Virgil Baxter

This is Gary’s third performance with The Clinton Community Players. He was the milkman-next-door-neighbour in June Groom and the Spanish next-door-neighbour in The Odd Couple, and he’s the next-door-neighbour again in tonight’s performance. Gary wonders if he’ll ever have a chance to live on the set.When Gary isn’t in the town hall you can find him teaching Special Education at Clinton Public School, at the local auction, out with his family or out Scouting. Just ask his wife — he is never at home.

Julie Ciufo — Persis Devore

Most people in Clinton know Julie as Julie Pugh. She now resides in Grand Bend with her husband, Paul, and she works in Seaforth at the Children’s Co-operative Learning Centre and at Stephen Central Public School. Julie was bitten by the acting bug after having watched her mother, Bernie, perform so well so often. She is very excited about acting with her mother and writes, "Even if I can’t quite top my mom’s performance, at least I get the chance to ‘tie her up’."

Scott Wilson — Ben Quade

This is Scott’s first speaking role in a drama, but his third role overall. In Heaven’s Gate and Hell’s Flames he played the roles of a demon and of Jesus. He already has plans to be involved with yet another play being organized by a Bible study/coffee shop outreach called "The Cave". Scott is twenty-three years old and has just started working at Duracell in Mitchell.

Sharon Millard — Lynette Thoren
(and Assistant Director)

Sharon has become a regular with The Clinton Community Players. Along with performing in this play, she is making her debut as Assistant Director in Let’s Murder Marsha. Outside of drama endeavours, Sharon assists with the Literacy-Numeracy Project with the Avon Maitland School Board. She has also been involved in various civic projects, most recently the "Have a Heart for Lanark Committee". In her spare time, she works part-time in Seaforth and Bayfield, and she studies a number of different art forms.

Jean Lubbers — Director

Directing Let’s Murder Marsha is my second production with The Clinton Community Players, after having played the nicotine-addicted Sylvie in last fall’s performance of The Odd Couple. This is my first time directing a play, and it has been a real joy working with everyone involved in the play — I have enjoyed myself immensely! When I’m not at the theatre, I live on a farm in Goderich Township with Henry (my husband), four   children, over a thousand pigs, a dog, a penguin, and a pet bird.

House Manager - Nina Potter
House Assistants - The Clinton Mural Committee and The Clinton Arts and Culture Committee
Set Construction - Bob Campbell (crew chief), Steve Campbell, Dan Campbell, John Palmer, Gary Coursey
Lighting and Sound - Steve Hearn, John Crawford, Henry Lubbers, Sandra Johnstone
Art and Photography - John Crawford, David Emslie, Joe Lobb
Costumes and Makeup - Dagmar Crawford, Robyn Hicks, Polly Powell
Publicity - Bernie Pugh, John Palmer
Stage Crew - Sandra Johnstone (Stage Manager), Henry Lubbers

The Clinton Community Players extend their thanks to:

  • Bob, Steve, and Dan Campbell for set design, construction, and finishing
  • The Clinton Town Hall Office Staff
  • The Clinton Arts and Culture Committee and the Clinton Mural Committee for their support and their assistance with each night’s performance
  • B&M Furniture
  • Les Ciseaux
  • Norholme
  • Clinton Printing