Here's the program, sort of. In an immature snit, I removed my name from it:

The Odd Couple

(Female version)

by Neil Simon

November 13 -15, 1997

Nina Potter
Judy Stuart

Directed by Linda Hearn

Produced by Nina Potter and Linda Hearn
in association with
The Clinton Arts and Culture Committee
by special arrangement with
Samuel French (Canada) Ltd

The Clinton Community Players
invite you to join us for our next production.
Watch the
Clinton News-Record for
the announcement of our next meeting


Olive Madison is a successful news producer who seems in control of the world and her life, but is she? As the play opens, Olive and "the girls" are having one of their regular Friday night games of Trivial Pursuit. It is painfully obvious that Olive leads a somewhat dishevelled home life.

Olive decides to take in Florence Unger, whose husband has just told her he wants a divorce. Florence is a model homemaker, a clean freak, and seems to have many ailments. Together, Olive and Florence make up The Odd Couple, to the delight of audiences everywhere.

Act I

A hot summer evening in Olive Madison’s New York City Apartment
There will be a 15-minute intermission
between Act I and Act II.
Refreshments are available in the lobby.

Act II

Scene 1 - a few weeks later
Scene 2 - a few days later
Scene 3 - the next day

There will be no intermissions between the
scenes of Act II — please remain seated

The Cast, in order of appearance:

Mickey - - - Bernie Pugh
Renée - - - Nisa Howe-Lobb
Vera - - - Sharon Millard
Sylvie - - - Jean Lubbers
Olive Madison - - - Nina Potter
Florence Unger - - - Judy Stuart
Manolo Costazuela - - - Gary Coursey
Jesus Costazuela - - - Sandy Stuart


Behind the Scenes

House Manager
Brenda MacIsaac

House Assistants
The Clinton Public School Advisory Council

Set Construction
Steve and Bob Campbell

Lighting and Sound
Steve Hearn,
John Crawford,
Rachel Bokhout

Cheryl Jefferson

Art and Photography
John Crawford

Costumes, Hair, Makeup
Dagmar Crawford, Robyn Hicks, Polly Powell

Gary Haist, Bernie Pugh


The Clinton Community Players extend a special thanks to:

Steve and Bob Campbell for set construction and finishing
Central Huron Secondary School for the use of the lighting system
Jerry Rader Catering
The Clinton Town Hall Office Staff

"BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY" words and music by Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio used by permission of Claridge Music Company, a Division of MPL Communications, Inc

We especially want to thank B & M Furniture for their generosity in lending us the furniture this evening’s performance

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