The Space Heater ???


We do, in fact, have central heating in our house.

"The space heater" is my euphemism for the television set -
it takes up space and generates a little heat.

We have more than a dozen cable hookups in our house and six tv sets - we had nine before we gave one of our old ones to my son, and two others just plain wore out.
We really like to veg out in front of the space heater!

My favourite programs:

  • Sports, especially baseball and the NFL. I figure I'll "need" to buy a grey-market U.S. digital satellite dish pretty soon so I can watch more baseball and have more choice of NFL games.

  • A&E. All the old cops and detective shows.

  • History channel, Discovery, and TLC (when we lived in London). Unfortunately, it isn't available in Clinton.

    and most of all: my own series about economics, when it was on TVO. Since it usually aired at some odd hour, it came to be known affectionately as "Economics for Insomniacs."
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