Lisa Archibald, PhD



Contact Information

School of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Elborn College

University of Western Ontario

London, Ontario, Canada

N6G 1H1


Phone: (519) 661 2111, ext. 82753

Fax: (519) 850 2369




Associate Professor,

School of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Department of Psychology

University of Western Ontario


Obel Familie Professor

Department of Communication and Psychology

Aalborg University


Language, Reading and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

(Dr. Marc Joanisse, PhD)


Degrees and Licenses

PhD (2006): Psychology, University of Durham, UK

MHSc (1989): Speech Language Pathology, University of Toronto

BSc (1987): Brock University


College of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists of Ontario


Research Program


You can find out more about my research program together with a full list of my publications by visiting my lab website:




Evidence Based Practice for Clinicians

This course provides students with the necessary skills and tools needed to find and evaluate the ever-increasing knowledge base in their chosen field. The course seeks to motivate students to update their knowledge throughout their career by applying these skills, and participating in clinical research.


Fluency Disorders

This course seeks to prepare students for entry level practice in fluency disorders. The course reviews the current knowledge base related to disorders of speech fluency including stuttering, cluttering, psychogenic stuttering, and neurogenic stuttering. Assessment and treatment protocols for all age groups are presented and evaluated.