Estimating Actor, Partner, and Interaction Effects for Dyadic Data Using PROC MIXED and HLM: A Guided Tour


Data collected from both members of a dyad provide abundant opportunities as well as data analytic challenges. TheActor-Partner Interdependence Model (APIM; Kashy & Kenny, 2000) was developed as a conceptual framework forcollecting and analyzing dyadic data, primarily by stressing the importance of considering the interdependence that existsbetween dyad members. The goal of this paper is to detail how the APIM can be implemented in dyadic research,and how its effects can be estimated using hierarchical linear modeling, including PROC MIXED in SAS and HLM(version 5.04; Raudenbush, Bryk, Cheong, & Congdon, 2001). The paper describes the APIM and illustrates how thedata set must be structured to use the data analytic methods proposed. It also presents the syntax needed to estimate themodel, indicates how several types of interactions can be tested, and describes how the output can be interpreted.

In Personal Relationships