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Program Development

Our program is designed to meet the needs of each child and to challenge them at their developmental level. Through your child's interaction with the environment, other children, and the adults in our center, your child will be encouraged to develop physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. In order to assist in planning and to create programs that meet children’s needs, we use an age-appropriate developmental checklist called the Nipissing Screen. It will be performed once a year on all the children and the information gathered will be instrumental in guiding our program plans, helping staff and parents to monitor healthy child development, and to support children potentially at risk. The staff, under the guidance of the Program Supervisor, will administer the checklist. The information obtained is confidential and samples are available from the office at parents’ request. The Nipissing is a recognized checklist in many facets of childcare, i.e.: doctors, schools, and the London Middlesex Health Unit all use this Screen in the caring for children. The results of each child’s Screen may be discussed during Parent-Teacher Interviews, which normally take place in April.

The daily program for each group is posted in their rooms.  Parents are also provided with a calendar of events and weekly themes.  Tiggir’s Tots Daycare frequently has students from various educational facilities on practical work experience.  These students plan and implement activities with the children and are supervised at all times by our staff.


Ages of Children/Staff Ratio

Tiggir's Tots Daycare enrolls children from the age of three months old to ten years old. Children are separated into age appropriate groups. The Daycare currently has facilities to accommodate:

  1. 6 Infants: 3 months to 18 months. We maintain a ratio of 1 staff member to 3 children in the infant room.
  2. 15 Toddlers: 18 months to 3 years. We maintain a ratio of 1 staff member to 5 children in the toddler room.
  3. 24 Preschoolers: 3 to 5 years. We maintain a ratio of 1 staff member to 8 children in the preschool room.
  4. 25 School age children: 6 to 12 years. We maintain a ratio of 1 staff member to 15 children in the before/after school program.
  5. 16 Nursery Schoolers/Short Program: 2½ to 5 years. We maintain a ratio of 1 staff member to 8 children in the nursery school.
  6. 25 Summer Camp Spaces: 6 to 12 years. We maintain a ratio of 1 staff member to 15 children.

At least one Early Childhood Educator supervises in each room.


Hours of Operation

Main Site - 6:45 am to 6:00 pm

Recreational Site - 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Nursery School Morning Program - 9:00 am to 11:30 am

Nursery School Afternoon Program - 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Short Day Program - 9:00 am to 3:30 pm

Summer Camp - 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

Effective January 1, 1995, there will be a $1.00 per minutes late charge for children at the Daycare past 6:00 pm. The charge will start at 6:01 pm and accumulate by the minute until your departure time from the Daycare. The closing staff member will record your departing time and the parent will confirm the time by initialing the sign out sheet. On a regular basis, to ensure prompt payment, the Director will issue bills. The payment is still directed to the closing staff member to compensate for their inconvenience of staying late.

After three written notices of lateness, the child's enrollment will be terminated.

PLEASE NOTE: If there are circumstances beyond your control, please call the Director to discuss.

Effective July 7, 2003, Tiggir's Tots reinstated the 9½ hour policy in which your child may be in attendance at the daycare for no more than 9½ hours per day. This decision was based on staff shifts and the well being of your children (due to long hours). A fee of $5.00 will be charged for every 15 minutes your child is over the 9½ hour per day limit.


Signing In and Out Procedures

Parents are required to sign their child in/out with initials and the time of the day on the attendance sheet provided for each room. Please notify a member of the staff in the room your child is in of your child's arrival/departure. The staff member will also initial the attendance sheet. The Daycare is responsible for your child once your child is signed in and ends when they are signed out. Unless otherwise arranged in advance, children will not be released to anyone other than those specified on the Admission form. It is your responsibility to sign your child in/out. The maximum time will be charged if no time is recorded for the Before and After School Care and the Before and After Summer Camp Care.


Scheduling Your Child(ren)

Infant – Preschool rooms: All part time students' schedules must be submitted at least one calendar month in advance, and all spaces are available on a first come first serve basis.

Short Program/Nursery School: The Nursery School will operate from September to June, with the exception of Christmas and March Breaks and all P.A. Days.  Upon enrolment, parents will receive a calendar outlining these dates of closure.

Before and After-School Care: Currently, there is a five-year waiting list for this program.  Enrolment is based on first come, first serve basis.  At the time of enrolment (in any Tiggir’s Tots program), the Director will ask if you are interested in placing your child on the wait list for Before & After-school care.  The Director will then contact parents and keep you up-to-date with our availability.

In regards to Christmas and March Breaks and all P.A. days, every attempt will be made to accommodate your child(ren) in our center. All spaces are available on a first come first serve basis. A sign up sheet will be posted as early as September so you may schedule your child(ren) for these days. Payments must be made 1 month in advance to secure your spot.

Summer Camp: There are 25 school-age summer camp openings.  These will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.  The Summer Camp schedule will be posted in March and it is the parents’ responsibility to sign your child(ren) up for camp.  In May, the camps will be advertised to the greater community.  Parents are required to sign up for a minimum of 2 weeks of Summer Camp, in order to hold your child(ren)’s Before & After-School spot for September. We will offer day programs and these openings will only be posted the Wednesday prior to the week commencing. The daily fee for these service is $35.00 a day.


Schedule Changes – Main Site

Any change to your child’s schedule must be given in writing 2 weeks in advance. If any emergency or change to the schedule arises without the 2 weeks notice, you will be required to pay for the originally scheduled days, plus any extra day attended and only if the Daycare can accommodate the child.

If your child is scheduled for a Statutory Holiday, and it is desired to change the day without the 2 weeks notice, the holiday must be paid for plus any extra days attended, if the Daycare can accommodate the child.  If the Daycare cannot accommodate the change even with the 2 weeks notice, your regular schedule that week must be paid.


Program Cancellation – Recreational Site

Short Program/Nursery School Program: Please be informed that if for any reason we need to extend the Before & After School Program due to:

  1. Bus cancellations or delays
  2. Professional Development Days
  3. Christmas Break
  4. March Break
  5. Summer Camp

The Short Program/Nursery school program will be cancelled.  You will not be charged for these days.  It is your responsibility to stay informed of adverse weather that could cause bus delays or cancellations.  We will do our best to contact parents by telephone; however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to contact all families.


Cancellation Policy – Recreational Site

Cancellation Policy and Payment Schedule for the following Programs:

  • Christmas School Holidays
  • March Break
  • P.D. Days

Any previously scheduled/signed up days can be cancelled up to one month prior to Program commencing. Invoices will be issued and payment will be due one month prior for each scheduled day.


Cancellation Policy for the Summer Camp Program

Summer Camp Programs may be cancelled as follows:

  • Programs running in July may be cancelled before June 1st
  • Programs running in August may be cancelled before July 1st


Off Site Activities

Programs include special planned activities that require the children to leave the premises of Tiggir’s Tots Daycare. These activities include scheduled Field Trips, activities at the Kilworth Park, and walks taken day to day.

The following procedures are in place:

  • A consent form is signed by the parent when the child is enrolled and kept in the child’s file.
  • Parents are notified in advance when a field trip is scheduled. Information on the trip is provided for parents to read and once again sign off for verification of details. The details include:
    • Date of trip
    • Location of trip
    • Departure time
    • Return time
    • Means of transportation
  • The Kilworth Park is used for planned activities. All staff members check the grounds before permitting the children to enter the park to ensure the play area is free of hazardous debris.
  • All staff carry an Emergency/First Aid Fanny Pak which includes Emergency Contacts, Attendance List, First Aid Supplies, and Prescription medication (Puffers/Epipens).
  • All staff leaving the premises has an emergency cell phone for direct contact with the Daycare.
  • Every measure is taken by the staff to ensure a safe play environment, when the children are participating in any off site activities.


Statutory Holidays

Tiggir's Tots Daycare observes the following statutory holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Good Friday
  • Victoria Day
  • Canada Day
  • Civic Holiday
  • Labour Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day 



Each child will be entitled to one free week (up to a maximum of five days) for vacation.  This week can be taken at any time throughout the year, but is according to your child's regularly scheduled days at the Daycare.  If your child joins Tiggir’s Tots part way through the year or if they are enrolled on a part-time basis, they may take one free “vacation” day for every 50 days of paid day-care.


Snow Policy/Emergency Closing

If Parkview School in Komoka is closed, or closes at any time during the day, because of snow or inclimate weather, then Tiggir’s Tots will be closed.  Please listen to the radio or look on the NewPL website, so you will be informed. In the event of school holidays or P.D. Days, it will be at the discretion of the President of the Board to make the decision of closing the daycare. The decision will be made before 6:45 am. This will allow parents to call the Daycare to be informed of the decision. If a staff member is not available, a message will be left on the Daycare answering service. If your child(ren) is scheduled that day, tuition fees are still payable.

Also, Tiggir's Tots may be closed due to emergency situations such as no hydro or water.  Staff will notify you if this situation occurs. If your child(ren) is scheduled that day, tuition fees are still payable.


Withdrawal of Children

Written notice of permanent withdrawal must be given two weeks in advance of the last attending day, or full program fees will be charged in lieu of notice.


Access to Children in Cases of Separation or Divorce

Where custody of a child is granted pursuant to the terms of a separation agreement or a decree of divorce, the custodial parent shall provide proof, satisfactory to the Director, the Daycare, or to its lawyers, of legal custody and in that event the custodial parent shall have sole access to the child. The non-custodial parent shall have access to the child only when the Daycare has received the written consent of the custodial parent.

When there is physical separation of the parents and there is no legal documentation as described above, the parent with whom the child is living is said to have de facto custody. When there is de facto custody either parent shall be granted access to the child.



There are bus routes available from Parkview and Our Lady of Lourdes schools.  It is the parents’ responsibility to make arrangements with their child’s elementary school for pick-up and drop-off at Tiggir’s Tots' School-Age Program.


Probation and Termination

A child’s enrolment may be placed on probation at the discretion of the Director/Board.  Reasons include regular lateness, arrears NSF cheques, disruptive behaviour, or non-compliance for fundraising.   If on probation, all fees must be paid in cash in advance.  Reasons must be discussed with the Director and/or Board.  The Board reserves the right to terminate membership at any time if the conduct of you or your child threatens the well-being of other children, staff, parents or the Daycare as a whole.


Meals and Snacks

Meals and Infant Feeding

Infant, Toddler & Preschool Rooms: A hot noon meal is provided at the Daycare, plus mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.  Menus are posted weekly so parents can plan their home meals accordingly. If your child has any food sensitivity or allergy, please discuss with the Director.  In accordance with the Day Nurseries Act, the menus follow the Canada Food Guide.

It is the responsibility of the parents to provide baby food and prepared formula in labeled bottles for their infant child.  The Daycare supplies regular table food and milk when the child is old enough. Homogenized in the Infant Room and 2% in the Toddler, Preschool Rooms. Juice is always available.


Short Program: A nutritious lunch and p.m. snack is provided by the Daycare for the preschoolers.  The menus are posted for parents to view.

Nursery School Program:  It is the parents’ responsibility to supply all the children with a healthy snack.  A rotating list will be supplied to inform you of what day you are to bring the snack in.  If you need some suggestions as to what snacks to bring in, please feel free to ask a staff member.

Before & After-School Program: A nutritious p.m. snack is provided by the Daycare for the schoolagers.  The menus are posted for parents to view. Any full day programs the parent is responsible to provide a bag lunch for their child(ren).

Summer Camp:  It is the parent’s responsibility to provide a bag lunch for their child(ren).

* All bag lunches must be clearly labeled with child’s name


Peanut Free Environment:

Due to severe peanut allergies within the Daycare, we do not serve any product containing traces of peanuts. If you wish to bring in special snacks for special occasions, please be advised the Center will not be able to serve it unless accompanied with an ingredient list.  This will ensure that all children are protected against their food allergies. If your child has had peanut butter for breakfast, please make sure their hands and faces are washed.


Health and Safety

Records and Forms

A file is maintained for each child. The file contains such things as address, telephone number, emergency contact numbers, and pertinent medical data such as immunization records that help us to provide care and protection for your child. Your help in keeping these records current is important to us, so if there is a change in any of these, please let us know.

Notice will be given when it is time for the yearly medical history update that is required by Public Health.

In cases of allergies or special dietary needs please submit in writing from your physician information outlining these concerns and any changes to a child's medical condition.


Medication Authorization and Administration

The staff at Tiggir’s Tots will administer medication to the children at the Daycare if the following conditions are met:

  • All prescription and non-prescription medications must be accompanied by written Doctor’s authorization.
  • Medicine will be brought to the Daycare in the original prescription bottle as dispensed by the pharmacy, clearly labeled with the child’s name, name of medication, dosage, time and manner of administration, Doctor’s name, date of purchase and storage instructions.
  • A parent should hand deliver the medication in the original container to the appropriate staff.  At the end of the day the staff will also retrieve medication for parents.
  • Medication is to be stored as directed and kept in a locked container.
  • The parent/guardian will sign the Medication Administration Form to authorize the administration of medication for that day.  An entry must be made on a form for each child receiving medication. The Medication Binder is located in the kitchen
  • The staff member administering the medication will sign her name and the time of dosage on the Medication Administration Form.  If a dose is omitted, reasons must be listed.
  • Whenever possible, all children receiving medication should receive it at the same time.
  • Any accidental dosage should be reported to the Program Supervisor immediately and then to the parent of the child.

This Daycare does not administer children’s pain reliever or cough medicines unless received by prescription or with a Doctor’s written authorization.  Pain reliever (i.e. Advil,Tylenol) will only be administered in emergency situations (i.e. febrile convulsions). We do, however, treat minor scrapes and cuts with antiseptic cream or peroxide, and any bumps or bruises received at the Daycare.




The Day Nurseries Act stipulates that prior to admission each child must be immunized as recommended by the local Medical Officer of Health.  A medical certificate confirming such immunization as well as a complete medical assessment is necessary and is to be submitted upon admission of a child the Day Care. 

Please keep your child home if they have any of the following signs or symptoms:

  1. A fever of 101 or higher.
  2. You observe the following signs of unwellness:
  • Lethargy or irritability
  • Uninterested in playing
  • Not eating or drinking as usual
  • Appears pale
  • Shows obvious signs of pain of discomfort
  1. Conjunctivitis – an eye infection commonly referred to as “pink eye”.
  2. Bronchitis – can begin with hoarseness, cough, and a slight elevation of temperature.
  3. Rashes that you cannot identify or that have not been seen by a physician.
  4. Impetigo- shows up as red pimples.  These eventually become small vesicles surrounded by a reddened area.  When the blisters break the surface is raw and weeping.  The lesions often occur in moist areas of the body (creases of neck, groin, and underarm).
  5. Diarrhea- watery or greenish bowel movements that look different and are much more frequent than usual.
  6. Vomiting- more than the usual “spitting-up”.
  7. Severe cold with fever, sneezing, and nose drainage.
  8. Child seems really sick without obvious symptoms.  In this case may look and act differently.  There may be unusual paleness, irritability, tiredness or lack of interest.
  9. All contagious diseases, a child must be kept home (measles, mumps, and roseola).
  10. Head lice- must stay home until nit free.  Staff members will check your child before being allowed to return.

If a doctor diagnoses an ear or throat infection and places the child on antibiotics, the child should not return until they have been on the medication for at least 24 hours.

If a child becomes ill while at the Daycare, he or she will be isolated from the other children and parents will be contacted and asked to make arrangements to pick up the child as soon as possible.  A sick child cannot be kept at the Daycare.

By helping us to observe good health standards, you will be protecting your child and others in the Daycare.


When is a child too sick or contagious to be brought in to the Daycare?  This is a question, which may present itself during your child's stay at the center.  In order to protect your child and the other children we have established some guidelines on illnesses.  If at any time the Daycare staff or supervisors feel that the child is too sick or contagious, he/she will not be allowed into the Daycare.  Please have a friend or babysitter on call to keep your child if you cannot.


If your child requires medical attention, or hospital care, you will be notified immediately. For this reason, it is imperative that you inform the Director of any change of telephone numbers or place of employment.  All parents hereby authorize the Daycare and its employees to arrange transportation, and to administer first aid or assistance as they in their sole discretion deem necessary or advisable under the circumstances, pending the arrival of medical assistance or arrival at the hospital, as the case may be.


Sanitary Procedures

Toys are sanitized daily in the Infant Room and weekly in the Toddler and Senior Rooms.  Bed sheets and blankets are laundered weekly.

Toys are also sanitized weekly in the Nursery School and Before & After-School programs.  As the children do not nap in these 2 programs, laundry is strictly cloths or items from activities.


Fire Drills

Staff members are trained in evacuation procedures and carry out monthly fire drills with the children.


Emergency Evacuation Procedure

In the event of an emergency evacuation (tornado warnings, fire), an emergency evacuation policy has been established.  The following procedures will occur:

  • All parents/emergency contact will be notified (time pending).
  • Place evacuation notice of the location and our procedures taken on the front door.
  • Retrieve emergency file box information, current attendance record, and emergency location key.
  • Staff to evacuate all children to on site transportation (staff vehicles).
  • Transport children to assigned emergency shelter:

    Kilworth United Church
    2242 Commissioners Rd. W.
    London, Ont.

  • Contact all remaining parents if possible from the emergency shelter.
  • Temporary Emergency Location to be used as a temporary shelter for the children and as a call centre for the staff to contact parents in a temporary situation:
  • Jeanette Keene's House (Staff)
    66 Maxine Court
    (behind daycare)


Child Abuse and Neglect

If a staff member of Tiggir’s Tots Daycare has any reason to believe a child is being abused or neglected, we will contact Family and Children Services to begin the appropriate action.


What To Bring To Daycare


The most important considerations for clothing are ease of laundering, comfort, and suitability for the season. Please make sure your child has a complete change of clothing in case of an accidental spill.  Shoes are preferable to slippers during the winter.  Please remember to label all clothing coming into the Day Care.

Your child plays outside for two hours per day, weather permitting, to meet regulations set down by the Day Nurseries Act.  Appropriate clothing should be available to suit the season.


With regard to the Infant/Toddler Program, please note that only disposable diapers are to be used at the Daycare.  An adequate supply is to be kept in the child's change basket, along with any ointment and/or powder.

If a child is in training pants, it would be wise to keep several pairs on hand in their cubby in case of accidents.


Parents are responsible for supplying sunscreen for their child's use in the Before and After School Program. Please remember to label the bottle. Staff will notify you when your child's sunscreen is running low. For all other programs, we offer the option for parents to participate in our sunscreen club. This helps in quick applications of sunscreen.



On occasion parents and/or staff members take photographs of the children while at play during the day. These photographs are used for personal reasons only.  The Daycare will post some photographs for displays. Names of the children are not used when photographs are displayed.  Parental consent will be obtained at the time of registration of all children new to the Daycare.


Behaviour Management

Children are disciplined is a positive manner at a level that is appropriate to their actions and their ages, in order to promote self-discipline, ensure safety, respect the rights of others and maintain equipment.

  1. We believe discipline should be handled without causing humiliation to the child.
  2. We will not use any form of corporal punishment, verbal or emotional abuse, or denial of physical necessities.
  3. Positive reinforcement (verbal praise) is emphasized. The staff will consistently:
    • use positive language
    • stress desirable behaviour
    • be good role models
    • establish well-defined limits for the children
    • use natural and logical consequences
  4. Children are encouraged to discuss their anger and frustration with the staff and children involved.
  5. Appropriate to the age of the child, time out will only be used in situations of repeated or identified problems.
  6. Because we are an integrated center that accepts children with special needs, there may be children enrolled who are on “behaviour management programs”.  Different behaviour techniques may be used with these children.  Any questions you may have should be directed to the program supervisor or Director.


  1. If the staff determines a child has special needs or that his/her behaviour is unmanageable, the staff will meet with the parents in conjunction with outside resources to discuss the problem encountered and to formulate a plan to manage the situation.
  2. In the event that a program is unsuitable for a child, the Program Supervisor will meet with the parents to discuss alternative arrangements.



  1. No information, verbal or written, regarding a child or his/her family shall be released to anyone other than the guardian of the child.
  2. In the case of an emergency or injury to your child, information may be released to police authorities, medical staff attending to your child or, in the case of abuse, the appropriate child welfare authorities.
  3. Access to a child’s information record is given only to the legal guardian of the child and to the regular staff of the center.
  4. Confidentiality of families is to be respected at all times.


Parental Concerns

If parents have any concerns or issues, they should bring them initially to the attention of the teacher(s).  If the issue or concern is not within the scope of the teacher’s authority, or is not resolved to the parents’ satisfaction, then the matter should be directed verbally to the Program Supervisor.  The final course of action would be either verbally or in writing, direct the matter to the Director or the Board of Directors.


A Final Word...

Because children are easily affected by their environment, they often reflect the tensions and concerns of the people to whom they are closest.  We ask that you be particularly alert for tension-creating incidents that may be mirrored in your child's behaviour. Even though it is sometimes difficult to understand the workings of the young child's mind his/her emotions and feelings are real and need to be recognized and dealt with appropriately.  Illness, quarrels, unexpected visitors, or a parent away on a business trip may unwittingly create a climate of uneasiness and strain that can temporarily upset a child.  Likewise, a broken toy, a lost tooth, or an upcoming birthday party may seem incidental, but can be a major event in the life of a youngster and create emotionally keyed-up behaviour.  Whatever the cause, it would be most helpful if you would let us know whenever your child seems unusually tense.  Working together, we will try to provide an understanding atmosphere.


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