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Foods & Nutrition 021 Dr. L.A. Piché

Human Nutrition for Modern Living 2004-2005






DESCRIPTION: A study of the chemical nature, metabolic interactions and physiological roles of known nutrients. Inclusion of human dietary requirements, sources of nutrients and current concepts in nutrition.


BEHAVIORAL By the end of the course, the student will be able to:

OBJECTIVES: 1) Discuss in detail the sources, chemical nature, metabolic fate/interactions and physiological roles of known nutrients.

2) Summarize and interpret, in a scientific manner, comparisons of personal/client food intake data in relation to Recommended Nutrient Intake levels (RNI's) and other Nutrition Recommendations for Canada / North America.


APPROACH: An integrative approach within and between topics will allow students numerous opportunities to learn how to bring together/integrate many aspects of their entire program.


Lectures will be based upon texts, handouts and assigned readings.


Assignment will provide an opportunity to work with computers to reinforce and apply learned concepts.


PRE-OR Chemistry 213a/b (or the former Chem 203) and Physiology 130.



TEXTS: Nutrition: Concepts & Controversies (8th ed). F Sizer & E Whitney, West/Wadsworth 2003.


Health and Welfare Canada, Nutrition Recommendations: The Report of the Scientific Review Committee, Ottawa, 1990.


FORMAT: Four hours of lecture per week (including workshops), two examinations (Mid-term and Final) and one assignment.


GRADING: Assignment 20%


Workshop participation ........... 10%


Mid-term Examination 30%


Final Examination 40%



- 2 -


NOTE: The policies of the Department of Human Ecology are as follows:


1) Attendance at class is mandatory.


2) Assignments are due at time and date noted. The mark will be reduced by 20% on assignments submitted within seven (7) days of the due time. Assignments submitted after seven days will not be accepted for marking.


3) There will be no make-up mid-term test for a student who has missed a test except with documentation to show a confirmed personal illness or a death in her/his immediate family.




1) "A student may be debarred from writing the final examination for failure to maintain satisfactory academic standing throughout the year".


2 "Any student who, in the opinion of the instructor, is absent too frequently from class or laboratory periods in any course, will be reported to the dean (after due warning has been given). On the recommendation of the department concerned, and with the permission of the dean, the student wll be debarred from taking the regular examination in the course".


UWO 2003-4 Calendar, p. 32.






1 Introduction Assignment due Thurs. Oct. 14 (before end of lecture)

2, 3 Carbohydrates

4, 5 Lipids MID-TERM EXAM - Thurs. Oct. 21

6, 7 Proteins

8, 9 Energy Balance & Fad Diets

10 Water Soluble Vitamins

11 Fat Soluble Vitamins

12 Major Minerals


13 Trace Minerals FINAL EXAM. (TBA)


- 3 -


ASSIGNMENT (General Outline)*


ASSIGNMENT Keep a three (3) day food record for yourself [include one (1) weekend day]:


- compare your intake to the recommended number of servings for each food group outlined in Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating for a person of your age and gender.


- Calculate total daily energy intake Kilojoules/Kilocalories, percent of energy as fat, protein and carbohydrates, grams of protein, total cholesterol and levels of various (TBA) vitamins and minerals using Nutrient Value of Some Common Foods.


- Use a computer program (TBA) to compare your values to the Recommended Nutrient Intakes for someone with your characteristics as presented in Nutrition Recommendations: The Report of the Scientific Review Committee, Ottawa, 1990.


- Make recommendations about how to improve your diet using Canadian Nutrient File data in conjunction with Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating and Nutrition Recommendations (for Canadians): The Report of the Scientific Review Committee.



*More specific details about the assignment will only be provided once during class time.




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