Shipwreck 101

by Robinson Crusoe

Making a raft


  • yards
  • large spars of wood
  • topmast
  • planking
  • rope

Cut spars, topmast and yards. Tie them into a square shape and cover with planking.

Loading the raft

But what would I need to survive on the island. I decided to load my raft with the essentials.


  • bread
  • rice
  • Dutch cheeses
  • dried goat's flesh
  • corn


  • six gallons of rack
  • cordial waters
  • bottles of liquor


  • carpenter's chest
  • axe
  • hammer
  • saws


  • fowling pieces
  • pistols
  • powder horns and shot
  • swords

Getting to shore

My raft didn't have much to help steer it, but I had three things in my favour:

  1. a calm sea
  2. a rising tide
  3. a wind blowing me to the shore

The wind and the tide drove me towards a little stream, and I did my best to steer towards the middle of it.

Unfortunately, one end of my raft ran aground on a little shoal and almost tipped everything into the water. I kept that from happening by putting my back against the load.

After a long half-hour, the tide lifted the raft again, and I made it to shore.