Marc Joanisse, Ph.D.

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Undergraduate courses

Psychology 2134 - Introduction to the Psychology of Language
Psychology 3141 - Language Development

Graduate courses

Courses vary from year to year, but include
Psychology 9101 - Language and Concepts
Psychology 9550 - Cognitive neuroscience of event related potentials, electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography

Current graduate students

Leah Brainin
Alexandra Cross
Christine Moreau
Joe Nidel
Nicolette Noonan

Current Postdocs

Christina van den Bosch Der Nederlanden
Lien Peters (co-supervised with D. Ansari)
Pan Liu (co-supervised with E. Hayden)

Past graduate students

Emily Nichols, Ph.D.
Jeff Malins, Ph.D..
Laura Westmaas, M.Sc. (co-supervised with D. Jared, UWO Psychology Dept)
Erin Robertson, Ph.D.
Aneta Kielar, Ph.D.
Amy Desroches, Ph.D.
Allison Andres MClSc (co-supervised with J. Oram Cardy, UWO Communication Sciences and Disorders)
Kathy Andrew, M.Sc.