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Welcome to my home page!

Thompson Educational Books has released the two volume set of proceedings from the Aboriginal Policy Research Conference. Look for the titles Aboriginal Policy Research, Volumes 1 & 2 at your favourite bookseller, or contact Thompson directly.

The latest book from our social cohesion project, Permission to Develop: Aboriginal Treaties, Case Law and Regulations, is also available from Thompson.

Aboriginal Policy Research Vol. 1 Aboriginal Policy Research Vol. 2 Permission to Develop

Similarly, ITP Nelson has released the second edition of Youth in Conflict with the Law. If you are looking for the accompanying materials for Youth in Conflict with the Law, click on the book cover to access Nelson's home page. Follow the links to their criminology section.
I am also happy to announce that the web page for the 2006 Aboriginal Policy Research Conference is now up for those requiring further information.

Like the cover art on our books?
They are examples of Dapne Odjig's creations. If you are interested in her work, you might want to read about her on the Collections Canada website or visit the Hambleton Galleries in Kelowna.
Links to my course home pages are provided on the left.

Supplemental material for Quantitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences can be accessed by clicking on the book cover. This book is also available from Oxford in Spanish under the title Méthodos cuantitativos: aplicados a las ciencias sociales.

Most of the neat stuff you are looking for is tucked away in the course home pages. For example, the SAS course notes and the multimedia statistical reviews are listed under Soc. 300. Connecting links to data sources, free methods and statistics software, and material on advanced methods, can be found under Soc. 503.

For those who are curious to know what I do in my "spare time," I have also listed some of my more recent publications.

You might wish to contact me (by e-mail or by phone) if:

  • You require consulting help in statistics, research methods or program evaluation.
  • You are interested applying to the department's graduate program.
  • You are interested in pursuing a scholar's elective in population studies, especially work on immigration.
  • You have some great ideas for a research project in population studies, social research methods or criminology.
  • You want to set up an endowed chair in sociology.


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