Geog 3210a:    Quantitative Methods in Geography

Geog 2420a:    Economic Geography


Geog 3422b:  The Geography of International Business

Geog 2143b:   Foundations of the Geography of World Business

Geog 9113b:  Advanced Quantitative Methods in Geography

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Graduate Student Thesis Supervision:


Awareness and Management of Groundwater Quality on Saskatchewan Farms

Housing Metis in Northern Saskatchewan: An Examination of the Northern Housing Program .

Patterns of U.S. Venture Capital Investment .

Spatial Manifestations of Canadian Merger Activity: 1965-1984 .

Corporate Restructuring in Canada 

A Geography of International Banking 1976-1986 

Spatial Patterns of Institutional Stock Ownership in the United States from 1980 to 1990

Spatial Patterns of Strategic Alliances among Information Technology Firms in the US: 1990-1993


An Economic Geography of Canadian Venture Capital Investment 

Canada's Multinationals: a Study in Outward Foreign Direct Investment 

Location of Foreign Direct Investment in P.R. China, 1979-1993: An Application of A New Locational Framework

Canadian Domestic and International Mergers and Acquisitions Activity: A Spatial Imperfections Dimension

Indigenous Entrepreneurship in the Accommodation Sector: A Case Study of Barbados

The Production and Consumption of Intensified and Converted Dwelling Units in an Older-Urban London Neighborhood

Municipal Bond Ratings: A Pre-Investment Financial Market Perspective

Tacit Knowledge Transfer Via Interlocking Directorates: A Geographical Approach

Deregulation, Regional Economics & The Spatial Restructuring of the U.S. Commercial Banking Industry

Evolution of the Port of Quebec, 1858 1936