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Additions New Web Resources on MNT: Charles Ostman wrote, "CyberLife", a compendium of "new technologies of the cyberworld" (ISBN# 0-672-30491-0, Sams Publishing, a division of McMillan Publishing, 201 West 103rd Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46920). Included is a chapter titled "Nanotechnology, the Next Revolution". Within this nanotechnology chapter are the following sections:

Seizing The Future: How The Coming Revolution In Science, Technology, and Industry Will Expand The Frontiers Of Human Potential And Reshape The Planet, by Michael G. Zey. Simon & Schuster, New York, 414 pages, $24. Pages with new URL's:

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Molecular Modeling

Some of the pages in the "Molecular Nanotechnology" section also deal with molecular modeling.

Nanoelectronics and Micromachining

This is the "other" kind of nanotechnology.

Molecular Nanotechnology

The work of Adriano Cavalcanti of Brazil on the application of nanotechnology in medical research is reviewed on the following websites:

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