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Robert Theobald. June 11, 1929 - November 27, 1999

Robert Theobald Robert Theobald first became aware of the need for fundamental social change in the late fifties. He has written, spoken and consulted on these issues for the last forty years. (see books, biography)

The Encyclopedia of the Future has recognized him as one of the top ten living futurists. For the best summary of his current views see The Healing Century


Robert's body died at his home in Spokane, Washington on Saturday afternoon, November 27th, 1999. He was surrounded by a circle of dear friends who had supported him in his healing and in his work during the final two years of his life. In Spokane, since November of 1997 when Robert had his cancerous esophagus removed, Robert found the community he has been inviting others to find all his life.

His body has died. And his spirit continues.

In the weeks and months ahead, this page will offer access to the work Robert completed in his lifetime. More importantly, perhaps, it will offer access to the ways that work is continuing through the hands and voices and spirits and eyes of many others. Meanwhile, you can write to Bob Stilger with comments, thoughts and ideas about continuation of this work.

His core work has been  being done through Resilient Communities. This action/learning inquiry, being co-organized with Northwest Regional Facilitators, enables people to work together to promote "resiliency" at personal, family, community and ecological levels.

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Robert saw himself as having two core skills. He was exceptionally good at introducing a very broad range of audiences to the radical discontinuities that are inevitable in the next few years: he can do this best either as a keynote or closing speaker. He also had the capacity to design approaches which bring groups together toward common ground. For a sense of his understandings and commitments see Personal Mission Statement.

Robert wrote short pieces which can be freely reproduced so long as credit is given, it is useful to us to know how his work is being used. There are two lists below: these are in rough date order. One of them deals with broad issues of social change: the other with Y2K. (Robert was given the Social Innovations 1998 award for his Y2K work.) The pieces that seem most useful are starred. Additions will be made on an irregular basis: it is likely that at least one general and one Y2K piece will be added each month. To know when these additions are made you can contact Amanda Butcher to subscribe to our mailing list and/or receive other information by e-mail.

Robert's last book is North America was Reworking Success. This had a checkered history. Originally commissioned as lectures by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the invitation to deliver them was cancelled a short time before broadcast. The texts were then published and the talks were later broadcast in Australia and created considerable resonance: indeed a second set of lectures called The Healing Century was later commissioned. You can see the text of the book on the web and there is also an available study guide. To order in print or audio form see Books. Robert also recommends Turning the Century which provides specific suggestions for the shifts in directions required at the end of the twentieth century.  

Two new books were published this year, 1999, in Australia by Southern Cross University Press:  We Do Have Future Choices and Visions and Pathways for the 21st Century.  North American Editions of these books are expected next year. 

Theobald's work is closely linked with the activities of the Transformational Learning Community.

Partial List of Articles

To be enhanced in 2000


Y2K Articles


Y2K - Visions and Nightmares

Y2K - The Central Challenge

Y2K Overview

Perils of Prognostication (by William Raspberry)

Y2K Talking Points

Backcast: Report from Spokane in 1999

Alternative scenarios for Y2K

 Other Articles

Turbulence (August, 1999)

Meaning Making

Alternative Directions

The Healing Century

How to Achieve the Inevitable/Impossible Transformation}

In Search of Something More Than Maximized Economic Growth (by William Raspberry)

1999 Strategies and Tactics

Messages for 1999

Perils of Prediction

The Diana Legend: Deeper Meanings

Goals for the Twenty-First Century

Living on Slippery Slopes

Beyond Jobs

The Information Superhighway: Opportunities and Problems

The Future of the Internet: What is the Key Question?

Towards Full Unemployment

We Have Choices

The Danger is Deflation

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