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Robert McDaniel and Michael E. Eliot Hurst

(Commission on College Geography Publication No. 8, Association of American Geographers, 1968.)

"The rising tempo of contemporary change is perhaps the most bewildering challenge facing man today. He must either exercise intelligent control over his own destiny or be swept away by blind and run-away forces beyond his reach." (Harold Sackman, Computers, System Science and Evolving Society, Wiley, 1967, p.4)

This course in economic geography emphasizes the need for control of the spatial allocation of our resources. It may thus be considered an introduction to geocybernetics, the study of man/machine relationships in the control of spatial organization. The approach is concerned not simply with describing how geographers tackle problems, but attempts to present a Weltanschauung which will assist the student to recognize and to frame his problems.

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