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Here's a Bit About Me...

I am digital strategist, specializing in post-secondary education and social network theory. I've been building & studying community longer than ER was a TV show - from helping cities rethink youth services, to working with Canada's best minds to understand online identity, to showing universities how to reconnect. As one of the first graduates of Western University's Media & Public Interest program (Faculty of Information & Media Studies), I'm proud to work on campus helping to share the school that I love.

Favourite Web Pages

While not essential, just about everyone includes a link or two to sites they really like. The list of links below is created using an unordered list.


DC 2203 Wordpress Blog must include the following:
  1. Post with an embedded video
  2. Post that discusses your aesthetic likes and dislikes (please feel free to use examples of other websites, graphic design, art, etc.)
  3. Post with links to your favorite web design/digital imaging websites, tutorials and articles about current issues we have discussed in class
  4. Post with an explanation of what you did for your Text as Image submission (you only have to do this for the one you like best. Do a before and after too, so I can appreciate your work.)
  5. Optional: Web-friendly Media Release Re-Write

Working with Photoshop

Text as Image:

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