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Teaching: Past and Future Courses

Future Courses

Tolkien and Anglo-Saxon (grad course, possibly to be crosslisted as undergrad)

Old English Today (upper-level half-course)

Canadian Medievalism (upper-level half-course)

Medieval Heroes, Villains, and Other Outsiders (2000-level half-course, to be listed as Medieval Studies and as English course)

Past Courses

Medieval Studies 1020E and 1022 Introduction to Medieval Studies

I developed this course in summer 2012 and taught it as the foundation course for our new minor and major in Medieval Studies for five years.

English 2072F/G Speculative Fiction: Science Fiction & English 2071F/G Speculative Fiction: Fantasy

About twenty years ago the old “English 134E Science Fiction, Fantasy, Utopia and Other Forms of Romance and Satire” finally died, and was replaced by two half-courses (originally three, but only occasional students ever wanted to study utopias in a half-course). I wrote the original online courses for these new half-courses in 2002-2003, and occasionally I get to teach these courses (and toss out all the old texts in favour of more current and interesting ones).

English 3012 Old English Language and Literature

This course is my first love, and I lavished a lot of time and attention on it. But, falling numbers mean that it may not walk again through the baby steps of Old English to detailed runs at Beowulf.

 German missal, ca. 1125 - Donated to Weldon Library

German Missal

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