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Item of the Week

Almond Hot Chocolate

Almond Hot Chocolate!

This week's featured drink is the decedant Almond Hot Chocolate. Created fresh to order, this creamy chocolate drink will bring you the utmost satisfaction. This week only, drop by and get a free small Almond Hot Chocolate, no strings attached!




"I walked into this place entirely by mistake thinking it was a Star Wars fan club. Little did I know, I was about to try the best damn cappuccino I've ever had!"



"Coffee used to be just something to get me running every morning. Java The Hut changed that experience. I went from forcefully drinking bland coffee to enjoying every last bit of my Latte."



"I could never find a place hipster enough to regularily buy coffee from. Starbucks is totally overrated, Java The Hut is where it's at!"

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