WRG Members
Workentin Research Group Members 2016 - the Ones Who DO the Work

Current Group Members

Gobbo 2014

Pierangelo Gobbo, Ph.D. Candidate

Vanier 2013-2016 Scholar

2013 N. Stewart McIntyre Award in Surface Science

Laurea Magistrale, Chemistry Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy
Laurea Triennale, 
Chemistry Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy


Wilson Luo

Wilson Luo, Ph.D. Candidate

Ontario Graduate Scholar

B.Sc., University of Windsor 2014 


Vaishnavi Somasundaram M.Sc. candidate (joint with Professor J. Corrign)

B.Sc., McMaster University 2014


Praveen Gunawardene M.Sc. Candidate

Chem 4491E Researcher 2014-2015

Pre-Thesis Award Research Scholar Summer 2014 (with G. Fanchini)

Undergraduate Researcher Summer 2013

Undergraduate Research Assistant 2013-2014


Tommaso Romagnoli M.Sc. Candidate

Ontario Graduate Scholar.

Chem 4491E Researcher (joint with Dr. J. Gilroy) 2014-2015

Summer Research Scholar 2014

Alex Van Belois B.Sc. Candidate 


Chem 4491E Researcher 2015-2016

Alexis Prestwich B.Sc. Candidate 


Chem 4491E Researcher 2015-2016




Photo of Mark Workentin Mark S. Workentin, Professor of Chemistry

BSc. Western University 1988
Ph.D., McMaster University 1992
Research Associate, NRC 1992-1995
Faculty Scholar 2005-2007

Recent Group Alumni

Photo of Sara Ghiassian

Sara Ghiassian, Ph.D. Candidate

BSc in applied Chemistry, Sharif University of Technology-2007
MSc in Organic Chemistry, Sharif University of Technology-2010

Photo of Mahdi Hesari

Dr. Mahdi Hesari

Ph.D. 2014

Paul De Mayo Award Winner 2015

M.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry, 2004
University of Bu Ali Sina, Hamadan, Hamadan, Iran
B.Sc. in Applied Chemistry, 2001

Currently: PDF Cornell


Mariachiara Zuin, Ph.D. Candidate

Laurea Magistrale, Chemistry Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy
Laurea Triennale, Chemistry Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy

Currently: Working in industry in Italy.


Max Wesissman  BSc 2016 candidate

AMBI Summer Research Scholar 2014 (with S. Mittler)

Undergraduate Research Associate 2014-2015

Pre-Thesis Research Scholar Summer 2015


Becky Wright  BSc 2017 candidate

NSERC USRA Summer 2015


Ryan Ho  BSc 2017 candidate

NSERC USRA Summer 2015 with J. F. Corrigan

K Winger

Kathleen Winger

Chem 4491E Researcher 2014-2015

Currently: Medical School U of T


Robert Hendry

Chem 4491E Researcher (With J. F. Corrigan)


Dr. Sung Ju Cho

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Currently: RA with RHE Hudson

Mia Biondi

Dr. Mia Biondi

Post-doctoral Researcher

Ph.D., McGill University 2013

BScN, Western, 2014
Ziyan Zhu Ziyan Zhu

Honors B.Sc. 2014
MSc Candidate, Western (with D. Shoesmith)
Jen Keir

Jennifer Keir
(with Dr. Kerr)

Honors B.Sc. 2014

M.Sc. candidate, University of Ottawa

Aurelia Niaux

Aurelia Niaux

Visiting Researcher from UPMC-Paris, France

MSc candidate, UPMC-Paris, France

Photo of Filipe DeSouza

Filipe Desouza

NSERC 2012 and 2013 Undergraduate Researcher Scholar
BSc , Western 2014


Andre Venter, B.Sc. 2015

AMBI Undergraduate Research Award 2013

Joint with Giovanni Fanchini


Samantha Novoa

Summer 2012 NSERC Scholar

BSc. Candidate Western 2015

Currently: Ph.D. NSERC candidate with Gilroy

Photo of Zachary Mossman

Zach Mossman

Honors B.Sc. 2013

MBA, Queen's University

Photo of John Roman

John Roman

Honors BSc 2013

Currently: Consultant- Towers Watson


Mark S. Workentin, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry and Centre for Advanced Materials and Biomaterials Research (CAMBR)

Western University
London, ON N6A 5B7
519-661-2111 Ext 86319

Also of interest:

In the spirit of internationalization!


We have created a flag for this current group:

KITRANADA! (Korea, Italy, Iran and Canada)

WRG custom Canadian flag (green on the LHS verses red)


In the past we have been:
Canada, Chinada, Iranada, Itranada.....

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