Group Alumni


Name Year Thesis Title
Robert Donkers* 2001 Mechanisms of Electrochemical Single Electron Transfer Reduction of Endoperoxides”
Jason L. Pitters* 2001 Photolysis of Pyridyl Diazocarbonyl Compounds as Monolayers on Platinum Single Crystal”
Vittorio A. Sauro 2001 Investigation of the Substituent Effects on Electron Transfer in Aryl Azines, Ferrocenyl Azines and 1,4-Dichloroazoethanes: an Electrochemical and Photochemical Study.”
David C. Magri 2004 Kinetics of the Electrochemical and Photochemical Dissociative Electron Transfer Reduction of Dialkyl peroxides and Endoperoxides”
Donald Stringle 2004 Electron Transfer Reduction of O-O and S-O Bonds”
Arnold J. Kell 2004 “Photochemical Probes on Monolayer Protected Nanoparticles”
Hamid Alizadeh 2005 “Photoreactions on Metal Surfaces”
Dana K. Adkinson 2005 “Photolysis of Pyridine-Based Azides as Monolayers on Pt (111)”
Jun Zhu 2009 Interfacial Reactions on Maleimide Protected Monolayer Protected Gold Nanoparticles”
Name Year Thesis Title
Hossein Ismaili* 2011 "Strategies for the Thermal and Photochemical Modification of Gold Nanoparticles (AuNPs) and the Fabrication of AuNP Hybrid Materials"
Mahdi Hesari 2014 "Electrochemiluminescence of Gold Nanoclusters"
Sara Ghiassian 2015 "Strategies for Photochemical and Thermal Modification of Materials"
Pierangelo Gobbo*^ 2016 "Click And Bioorthogonal Chemistry For The Chemical Modification Of Nanomaterials"

* - Paul Demayo Award Winners
^ - Vanier Scholar, Governor General Award Winner


Name Year Thesis Title
M.D. Hossain 2005 Polymer Modified Electrodes”
Yuning Chuang 2005 Reversible Covalent Assembly of Monolayer Protected Gold Nanoparticles by C60 and Light”
Andrea Wallette 2005 Electrochemical Reduction of Cyclic/Acyclic Benzyldisulfides”
Michel Johnson 2005 Surface Modification of Monolayer Protected Nanoparticles via the Photo-Wolff Rearrangement”
Kurtis Hartlen 2009 “Template Michael Addition Reactions on AuNP”
Brandon Lines 2009 “1,3 Dipolar Cycloadditions on AuNP”
Mahboubeh Hadadpour 2009 Gold Nanoparticles: Investigating Physical and Chemical Properties via Photo-switchable Azopyridine Moiety and Investigating Their Photo-induced Size Evolution in Chlorinated Solvents”
Kristen Snell 2011 “Ketene and Nitrene Chemistry for Modification of AuNP”
Vaishnavi Somasundaram 2017 "Synthesis of Azide-Modified NHC Coinage Metal Thiolates"
Tommaso Romagnoli 2017 "Expanding the Scope of the AuNP Toolbox: Development of Interfacial oNQM Photoclick Reaction and Large AuNP Templates"
Alexander Van Belois 2018 "Synthesis and Characterization of Alkynyl-Substituted Boron Formazanate Dyes"


Name Year Position Held
Prof. Davood Nematohalli 2005 Sabbatical Visiting Scientist
Syria Peiris 2006 Research Associate
Prof. Hamid Alizadeh 2007 Visiting Scientist (summer)
Andrea Wallette 2007 Research Associate
Dr. D. Magri 2008 Research Associate
Pierangelo Gobbo 2010 Visiting Scientist (summer)