Graduate Student Travel Bursaries

Each year, NASSR offers five travel bursaries of CDN$250 each to assist graduate students presenting papers at the annual NASSR conference. The competition is open to all NASSR members who are graduate students, with the exception of students who received bursaries in the previous year.  At least one bursary will go to a student at a Canadian university and at least one will go to a student at a U.S. university.  Applicants should submit a copy of their conference proposal, proof of graduate student status, and an estimate of costs (travel only) by 20 June 2014. Electronic applications are preferred; please send to Snail-mail applications can be sent to James Allard, NASSR Secretary-Treasurer, English Language & Literature, Brock University, 500 Glenridge Avenue, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, L2S 3A1. Please note that all of those applying for bursaries must be NASSR members. Bursary cheques will be mailed out after the conference.

Graduate Student Paper Prizes

Each year NASSR conference organizers offer prizes for graduate student papers presented at their conference; those interested should consult the websites for upcoming conferences.

2014 Winners:

Best Graduate Student Paper:
Arden Hegele, "Romantic Autopsy and Wordsworth's Two-Part Prelude"

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper:
Deanna Koretsky, "Unhallowed Arts: Frankenstein and the Poetics of Suicide"

2013 Winners:

Best Graduate Student Paper:
Brecht de Groote (University of Lueven & University College, Brussels), "'The Glory of Motion': Re-reading Movement in Thomas De Quincey and Adam Smith"

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper:
Carmen Mathes (University of British Columbia), "'Let us not therefore go hurrying about': Towards an Aesthetics of Passivity in Keats"

2012 Winners:

Best Graduate Student Paper:
Markus Iseli (Neuchâtel), "Thomas de Quincey and the Cognitive Prospects of the Unconscious"

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper:
Jillian Hess (Stanford), "Re-framing Poetry: the Romantic Essay and the Prospects of Verse"

2011 Winners:

Best Graduate Student Paper:
Brittany Pladek (U of Toronto), "'Soothing Thoughts': Romantic Palliative Care and the Poetics of Relief"

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper:
Michael Verderame (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), "'A Rapid Masque of Death': Percy Shelley and Tambora’s Revolutionary Legacy"

2010 Winners:

Best Graduate Student Paper:
Anahid Nersessian (Chicago), "Empire and Attachment: A Transnational Tale"

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper:
Rachel Lee (Rochester), "From 'inane phraseology' to 'plain language': Reading Media History in Wordsworth's Preface"

2009 Winners:

Best Graduate Student Paper:
Chris Bundock (Western Ontario), "'A feeling that I was not for that hour / Nor for that place': Wordsworth's Modernity"

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper:
Amanda Jo Goldstein (Berkeley), "Growing Old Together: Composite Physiognomy, Prosopopoeia and 'The Triumph of Life'"

2008 Winners:

Best Graduate Student Paper:
Lily Gurton-Wachter (Berkeley), "'An Enemy that Nature has made': Charlotte Smith and the
Natural Enemy"

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper:
Annika Mann (Indiana), "That 'strange and awful hour / of vast concussion': Reading Time in Beachy Head

2007 Winners:

Best Graduate Student Paper:
Julie M. Barst (Purdue), "Transporting the Picturesque: National and Imperial Subjectivity Through the Claude Lorraine Glass"

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper:
Joseph Rezek (UCLA), "The Irish National Tale and the Re-Invention of the English Reader"

2006 Winners:

Best Graduate Student Paper:
Dimitri Karkoulis (Western Ontario), "‘They pluck'd the tree of science and sin': Byron's Cain and the Science of Sacrilege"

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper:
Joshua Lambier (Western Ontario), "Organismic Revolutionaries: Shelley, Schelling, and the History of Nature"

2005 Winners:

Best Graduate Student Paper:
Terry F. Robinson (Colorado, Boulder), “‘A Mere Skeleton of History’: Reading Relics in Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey

Outstanding Graduate Student Papers:
Eric Lindstrom (Yale), “Coleridge’s Imagination, Wordsworth’s Bodily Course”
Emily Rohrbach (Boston), “Anna Barbauld’s History of the Future”

2004 Winners:

Best Graduate Student Papers (tie):
Courtney Wennerstrom (Indiana, Bloomington), "Cosmopolitan Bodies and Dissected Sexualities: Anatomical Mis-stories in Ann Radcliffe's Mysteries of Udolpho"
Bo Earle (Chicago), "‘World Legislation’: The Form and Function of a Properly Romantic Cosmopolis"

Outstanding Graduate Paper:
Leslie Eckel (Yale), "Wordsworth’s American Incarnations"

2003 Winners:

Best Graduate Paper:
Suzie Park (California, Berkeley), "This Disclosure Which is Not One: Recognizing Depth, Resisting Commissioned Interiors in The Wanderers"

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper:
Dana Van Kooy (Colorado, Boulder), "Re-Imagining Communities through Collective Praxis: How Keats Illicits from, Reflects, and Re-Produces Interpretive Communities"

2002 Winners:

Best Graduate Student Paper Presented at NASSR 2002:
Mark Hewitt (NYU), "[Re]zoning the Naive: Schiller's Construction of Auto-historiography"

Outstanding Graduate Student Papers Presented at NASSR 2002:
Julie Murray (York), "Baillie, Wordsworth, and the Case of Economic Man"
Peter Melville (McMaster), "Staging the Nation: Hospitable Performances in Kant’s Anthropology"