Romanticism@Western is an inter-disciplinary research group interested in bringing together scholars at the University of Western Ontario with interests in studying the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Our aim is to develop connections between researchers with complementary interests in the historical, social, cultural, philosophical, and aesthetic issues of this time period. Since our research interests reach beyond the traditional disciplinary boundaries of the university, we look to foster connections with members of different departments that can help us to develop different approaches to the period we share in common. We seek to develop these connections by facilitating communication and interaction between members of different departments; last fall we organized a one-day conference that featured speakers from departments of English, Film Studies, History, Art History and Theory and Criticism from Western and across southern Ontario, and we hope to sponsor similar events in the future. We hope that this website will also function to raise awareness about the different events pertaining to the study of Romanticism and the 18th and 19th centuries both at Western and around the world.

** Please note that this website is currently under construction.
Expect a more up-to-date version coming this summer!