World's Greatest Bookclub
(in London, Ontario)

Next Meeting:

Friday, November 23rd
7:00 pm at Phil and Robbie's house.

The book we will discuss:

and/or The House at Pooh Corner
(or other books)
A. A. Milne

(chosen by Phil M.)

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Photos from the June 2004 Beaver Valley trip: (by Phil)

Photos from the May 2005 Western picnic: (thanks, Cornelia)

Photos from June 2005 Beaver Valley weekend: (thanks, Carrie and Cornelia)

The latest additions (editions?) to the bookclub's extended family: (thanks to Terri and Pat, and Cornelia)

Photos from the June 2006 Beaver Valley trip: (thanks, Cornelia and Carrie)

Photos from March 2008 meeting:

Photos from the May 2008 Beaver Valley trip:

Photos from 2009 including Gibbons Park picnic:

Photos from 2010 at Kimberley Church:

Photos from Ted's light show on midsummer's day:

Photos from 2011, including Pat and Terri's farewell:

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Ted's midsummer lightshow (movie clip in a Powerpoint slide - save first, then run it)

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