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The Crew



pjr was born and raised in the Niagara Region. After some time spent in the army and working in his Dad's steel shop, he ultimately earned his BSc. from Brock University in 2000. He obtained his PhD in 2004 from Dalhousie University under the supervision of Dr. Neil Burford and then completed an NSERC PDF at the University of Toronto with Dr. Ian Manners. Now he spends his time trying to keep pace with his own research crew at Western University and his family in Stratford, ON. pjr's sports of choice are Mon. and Fri. 6 am squash games and practicing yoga in the hot room. And because he is civilized, pjr does indeed enjoy olives. 

Postdoctoral Researchers


Kaijie Ni

My name is Kaijie Ni. I grew up in a small city in the south part of China called Qidong. I obtained my BSc. at Changzhou University in China and MSc. at Maynooth University in Ireland then moved to Canada to get my PhD at Memorial University. My favorite sports are badminton and basketball. I do not like olives but can handle their taste.

Graduate Students


Vanessa Béland

Originally from Toronto, Vanessa moved to London Ontario to get her B.Sc. in chemistry at Western. She likes rowing, flipping tires and skipping around the chemistry building. She never used to like olives, but has recently acquired the taste and felt a compulsive need to update the website accordingly. 


Tristan Harrison

Tristan Harrison is originally from a small city in Southwestern Ontario called Sarnia. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2015 with an Honors B.Sc. in Chemistry. He did his fourth year thesis with the Ragogna and Gillies groups and then continued with them and is in his first year of his M.Sc. He enjoys playing hockey, snowboarding and wakeboarding in his spare time. He does like olives, especially the green olive.


Matthew Coady

Matt hails from Thunder Bay, Ontario. He migrated to southern Ontario in 2010, attending Western for his BSc in Honours Chemistry. After a deal of group-hopping during his undergrad, Matt joined the Ragogna group in 2015. In his spare time he enjoys running, recreational lifting, and disc golf, and occasionally being embarrassed in early morning squash carnage. He likes olives.

Jeanette Adjei

Jeanette grew up in Toronto, Ontario. She obtained her Honours BSc in Chemistry in 2018 at Ryerson University. She completed her undergraduate thesis under the supervision of Dr. Robert A. Gossage. Jeanette's favourite sports are basketball and track and field. She thinks olives are disgusting, however she enjoys eating ketchup (with food) and occasionally drinking piping hot tea.


Jan Willem Lamberink

J-W grew up in a small town that almost nobody has ever heard of, Acton, Ontario. He then moved to St Catharines and obtained his BSc. at Brock University under the supervision of Georgii Nikonov. His favourite sports are hockey and soccer. He also concurs with Soheil that writing in the third person is quite weird. J-W absolutely loathes olives in any shape or form.

Undergraduate Researchers

Timothy Stephens

Tim was born in Ottawa, but grew up in Surrey, BC. He moved to London in 2014 to attend Western University, and is currently in the last year of his BSc (Honors Specialization in Chemistry). His favourite sports are skiing, snowboarding, and rugby. Tim isn't the biggest fan of olives, but will eat them if they're on a pizza.

Alexandre Salmon

I am from Bradford Ontario. My favourite sports are soccer and surfing. I would definitely consider myself an olive aficionado.