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Reuven Brandt

About Me


I am a PhD student studying philosophy at Western University.  My research examines moral responsibility in sperm and ova donations.   I am also interested in political philosophy and am examining its potential applications to medical ethics.  I am currently involved in a CIHR funded research project examining conscientious refusals in healthcare.



Contact Information


Department of Philosophy
Stevenson Hall, University of Western Ontario, London Ontario, N6A 5B8

Tel: 519.661.2111 x80588 
fax: 519.661.3922

Recent and Upcoming Presentations


Brandt, R. "Conscientious Refusals and the Arbitrary Exercise of Authority" World Congress of Bioethics, Rotterdam, June 2012.


Brandt, R. “Gamete Donation and Moral Obligation”, Canadian Philosophical Association annual meeting, University of New Brunswick, 2011, Refereed


Brandt, R. “Gamete Donors and Responsibility”, UWO Philosophy Graduate Student Speaker Series, 2011