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My office is in room 3047, Biological & Geological Sciences Building

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Current courses
  • Flora & Vegetation of Ontario (BIO-3403A, September-December 2015) [Official course web-site is accessed through OWL ]
  • Evolution of Plants (BIO-3404F, next offered September-December 2016) [Official course web-site is accessed through OWL ]
  • Biology of the Fungi (BIO-3218G, January-April 2016) [Official course web-site is accessed through OWL ]
  • Tropical Biodiversity Field Course, co-taught with Dr. Nina Zitani (BIO-3220Z, coming up May 3-20, 2016) See course blog at http://atwestern.typepad.com/experiential_learning/ and a listing of other field courses through the Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology (OUPFB) at http://www.oupfb.ca/modules.html

Costa Rica


Save valuable pieces of Costa Rican tropical forest : an urgent appeal for funds for the Rincon Rainforest

  • Save the Rincon Rainforest page (a large file with text, maps and photos, updated 8 April 2008)
  • Note: In Canada, people can make a tax deductible donation to Rincon Rainforest Fund/Tropical Conservancy and send it to Tropical Conservancy, 94 Four Seasons Drive, Nepean, Ontario, K2E 7S1, Canada. This is fully tax-deductible in Canada.

Some Useful Links

Area de Conservación Guanacaste Home Page

Organization for Tropical Studies Home Page

INBio Home Page (Instito Nacional de Biodiversidad)

Biotropica : the journal

Revista de Biología Tropical


Graduate Student Opportunities

Fungal ecology, including plant-fungal, fungal-invertebrate, and fungal-microbial interactions; fungal systematics and phylogeny; fungal diversity and conservation

Current Graduate and Undergraduate Students

  • Asma Asemaninejad (PhD student; Climate change effects on fungal communities in peat) 01/2013--
  • Sarah Allan (MSc student; Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in natural and restored tallgrass prairie) 09/2013--
  • Nimalka Weerasuriya (MSc student; Fungi associated with common buckthorn, Rhamnus cathartica , in the London area) 09/2013--
  • Christopher Hay (MSc student; Agaricomycetes of Ontario tallgrass prairies) 09/2014--

Some Former students:

  • Jennifer McDonald (PhD student; Systematics of Stigmatolemma and the cyphelloid Resupinateae) 09/2007-08/2015. Hooray! Jen defended successfully and is now writing up those papers ...
  • Catriona Catomeris (4th year student co-supervised with Dr. Hugh Henry ; Impacts of nitrogen deposition on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in restored tallgrass prairie) 09/2014-04/2015. Now pursuing an MSc degree at UBC.
  • Dana Kavanagh (4th year student; Epiphytic lichen communities in conservation areas surrounding London Ontario: impacts of atmospheric nitrogen?) 09/2014-04/2015. Now pursuing a career in biology
  • Vlad Deboveanu (4th year student; Health and fungal disease survey of street trees in London Ontario) 09/2013-04/2014. Now pursuing a degree in Education
  • Zoe Chatzidakis (4th year student; Fungi in roots of black ash and showy ladyslipper orchid) 09/2012-04/2013
  • Jee Kim (4th year student; Cantharellus species of Newfoundland) 09/2012-04/2013
  • Alexandra Timoshenko (4th year student; Lichen communities on Norway Maples in London) 09/2012-04/2013
  • Jessie Wong (MSc student; Agaricomycetes in tilled and untilled agricultural soils) 09/2010-08/2012. Now a PhD student at University of Toronto (Scarborough).
  • Madeline Robson (4th year student; Auricularia on hardwoods in North America) 09/2011-04/2012
  • Morgan Barber (4th year student; Auricularia from Newfoundland) 09/2010-04/2011. Now pursuing her MSc in microbiology at UBC.
  • Rachel Beretta (NSERC USRA student and volunteer; Inocybe and other interesting agarics) 09/2010-04/2013. Now in med school at McMaster!
  • Megan DeMille (4th year student; Basidiomycetes from New Brunswick Bats) 09/2010-04/2011.
  • Cassia Vilneff (MSc student; Cantharellus in Newfoundland) 01/2010-04/2011. Taught high school science, then completed an MBA in agribusiness at Guelph.
  • Holly Stover (NSERC - USRA and 4th year thesis student; Importance of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to plant diversity in tallgrass prairies) 05/2009-08/2010; completed her MSc in restoration ecology at the University of Alberta and has now returned to do a PhD in the lab of Dr. Hugh Henry
  • Aniruddho Hoque (MSc student; Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in tallgrass prairies) 09/2008-04/2011. Now pursuing his PhD with Dr. Shiva Singh
  • Barbara Bahnmann (MSc student; Diversity of Agaricomycetes in agricultural soils) 01/2004-04/2009. Now pursuing a PhD in molecular mycology in the Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic.
  • Alexandra Koziak (MSc student; Nematoctonus in Costa Rica) 09/2003-03/2006, has moved on to teaching in Calgary
  • Dr. Mirjam Urb (MSc student; Fungi associated with caterpillars in Costa Rica) 09/2003-01/2006, completed her PhD in the lab of Dr. Don Sheppard at McGill University in Montreal, and is now working in cancer research in Lyon, France.
  • Dr. Michael Lynch (MSc student; Impacts of tillage on soil basidiomycetes) 09/2002-12/2004, completed his PhD in the lab of Dr. Kirsten Muller at the University of Waterloo. Co-winner of the Canadian Botanical Association 2007 Luella Weresub Award for best Canadian student paper in mycology published in 2006, based on the first paper from his MSc work. Click here to see the paper (pdf).

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