Hohenbuehelia pinacearum Thorn

   = Resupinatus (Pleurotus) silvanus sensu auct. non Saccardo

   = Hohenbuehelia (Pleurotus) unguicularis sensu auct. non Fries

RGT #831015/04, on dead lower branches of living Abies balsamea, Wolf Howl Pond, Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, CANADA. The jet black, nearly glabrous fruiting bodies, with at most a few white wisps toward the margin, and fruiting on conifers (particularly Abies and Pinus) are distinctive. The metuloids of this species are inconspicuous, leading to its frequent placement in Resupinatus; however, unlike species of Resupinatus, this spcies has a nematode-destroying anamorph (Nematoctonus brevisporus Thorn & Barron). Photo October 15, 1983, copyright R.G. Thorn.