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Our group is composed of undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral researchers.  We often have continuing positions for undergraduates, whereas graduate student positions mostly start at the beginning of September each year.

Undergraduate Positions:

During the academic year, we host one or more undergraduate thesis students (Chem4491) and offer positions for students enrolled in Scholar's Elective programs.  We also commonly accept either work-study students or volunteers who are seeking research experience (exceptional 1st students and 2nd- and 3rd-year HBSc. students).  During the summer, we host NSERC-USRA awardees as well as other fellowship winners such as through the Department of Biochemistry (BUSRP) and the Centre for Materials and Biomaterials Research (CAMBR).

Graduate Positions:

Depending on the year, we will have one-to-several graduate student openings.  Most often, graduates enter in the M.Sc. program, and should their goal be to obtain a Ph.D.,  they can transfer after a successful 1st-year candidacy report/exam.  Applicants who are interested in our research are free to contact Prof. Hudson; however, I cannot evaluate application materials nor offer positions before your application is received, evaluated and accepted by the University.

Students visiting on an academic exchange are also welcome.

Postdoctoral Positions:

Currently, there are no funded postdoctoral researcher positions available. It's not possible to reply to all inquiries, but when a position becomes available it will be advertised here. 

If you are applying for a fellowship or already have funding please contact Professor Hudson.

Visiting Faculty:

Occasionally, we have the pleasure of hosting faculty from other Universities. We are able to provide laboratory space and resources as well as access to facilities (libraries, NMR lab, mass spectrometry services, etc. ) at no cost to the visitor.



Applying to the Department and Faculty for Graduate Studies

Department of Chemistry

Office:  Chemistry Building Laboratory 219A

Labs:  Chemistry 200, 201, 201

 The University of Western Ontario
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Tel:  519-661-2111x86349   Fax:  519-661-3022  Email:  Robert(dot)Hudson(at)uwo(dot)ca




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