Acta Victoriana cover

Acta Victoriana

Published in: Toronto, Ontario
Founded: 1877
Genres: Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Reviews, Interviews, Visual Art
Language: English
Issues per year: 4
Accepts online submissions: No (email only)
Pays: Not specified

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Acta Victoriana is the literary journal of Victoria University in the University of Toronto. It is edited and published annually by an editor, a Victoria University student, and an independent committee of current University of Toronto students, alumni and faculty. The youthful influence of the college population has kept Acta Victoriana alive, ever-changing, adaptable to the needs and desires of its ever-evolving readership; therefore, it is Canada's youth that we must credit with the formation of this monument to Canadian literature. Acta Victoriana is ancient and protean, venerable yet smirking; it is perhaps not surprising, then, that the history of Acta is defined by its future.