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Current publications by Dr. Lanius:

Published books:

Lanius RA, Vermetten E, Pain C (August 2010). 
“The Impact of Early Life Trauma on Health and Disease:  The Hidden Epidemic”. 
In Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

For more information on this book, please visit Cambridge University Press.


Recent and relevent published articles:

Daniels J, Frewen P, McKinnon M, Lanius R
Default mode alterations in PTSD related to early life trauma:  a developmental perspective. 
J Psychiatry Neurosci (Epub ahead of print Nov 1, 2010)

Mickleborough MJ, Daniels J, Coupland NJ, Kao R, Williamson PC, Hegadoren K, Schore A, Densmore M, Stevens T, Lanius RA
The effects of trauma-related cues on pain processing in PTSD:  a fMRI investigation. 
J Psychiatry Neurosci (Epub ahead of print Nov 1, 2010)

Bluhm RL, Clark R, McFarlane AC, Moores KA, Shaw ME, Lanius RA
Default network connectivity during a working memory task. 
Human Brain Mapping (Epub ahead of print Jul 20, 2010)

Frewen PA, Dozois DJA, Neufeld RWJ, Densmore M, Stevens TK, Lanius RA
Neuroimaging social emotional processing in women:  fMRI study of script-driven imagery. 
Soc Cog Affect Neurosci (Epub ahead of print Jun 4, 2010)

Daniels JK, McFarlane AC, Bluhm RL, Moores KA, Clark CR, Shaw ME, Williamson PC, Lanius RA (2010).  
Switching between executive and default mode networks in PTSD - Alterations in functional connectivity. 
J Psych Neurosci  Jul;35(4):258-266.

Lanius R, Vermetten E, Loewenstein RJ, Brand B, Schmahl C, Bremner JD, Spiegel D (June 2010).  
Emotion modulation in PTSD:  clinical and neurobiological evidence for a dissociative subtype.  
Am J Psychiatry 167:640-647.

Lanius RA, Brewin CR, Bremner JD, Daniels JK, Friedman MJ, Liberzon I, McFarlane A, Schnurr PP, Shin L, Stein M, Vermetten E (2010). 
Does neuroimaging research in posttraumatic stress disorder require medication-free patients? 
J Psych Neurosci  Mar;35(2):80-9.

Lanius R, Bluhm R, Coupland NJ, Hegadoren KM, Rowe B, Theberge J, Neufeld RWJ, Williamson PC, Brimson M (2010). 
Default mode network connectivity as a predictor of PTSD symptom severity in acutely traumatized subjects. 
Acta Psychiatr Scand Jan;121(1):33-40.

Bluhm R, Williamson P, Lanius R, Theberge J, Densmore M, Bartha R, Neufeld R, Osuch E (2009). 
Resting state default-mode network connectivity in early depression using a seed region-of-interest analysis:  decreased connectivity with caudate nucleus. 
Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience Dec;63(6):754-61.

Brewin CR, Lanius RA, Novac A, Schnyder U, Galea S (2009). 
Reformulating PTSD for DSM-V:  Life after Criterion A. 
J Traumatic Stress Sep 9 (epub ahead of print)

Bluhm R, Williamson PC, Osuch EA, Frewen PA, Stevens TK, Boksman K, Neufeld RWJ, Theberge J, Lanius RA (2009). 
Alterations in default network connectivity in posttraumatic stress disorder related to early life trauma. 
J Psychiatry Neurosci May;34(3):187-94.

Frewen PA, Dozois DJA, Neufeld RWJ, Lanius RA (April 2008). 
Meta-analysis of alexithymia in posttraumatic stress disorder. 
J Traumatic Stress 21(2):243-246.

Frewen PA, Lane R, Neufeld RWJ, Densmore J, Stevens T, Lanius RA (2008). 
Neural correlates of levels of emotional awareness during trauma script-imagery in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. 
Psychosom Med Jan;70(1):27-31.

Lanius RA (Nov 2007). 
Complex adaptations to traumatic stress:  from neurobiological to social and cultural aspects. 
Am J PsychiatryEditorial 164(11):1628-1630

Frewen PA, Dozois DJ, Lanius RA (2008). 
Neuroimaging studies of psychological interventions for mood and anxiety disorders:  empirical and methodological review. 
Clin Psychol Rev 28:229-247.

Hopper JW, Frewen PA, Sack M, Lanius RA, van der Kolk BA (2007). 
The responses to script-driven imagery scale (RSDI):  assessment of state posttraumatic symptoms for psychobiological and treatment research. 
J Psychopathol Behav Assess 20:249-268

Hopper JW, Frewen PA, van der Kolk BA, Lanius RA (2007). 
Neural correlates of reexperiencing, avoidance, and dissociation in PTSD:  symptom dimensions and emotion dysregulation in responses to script-driven imagery. 
J of Traumatic Stress Oct;20(5):713-25

Lanius RA, Frewen PA, Girotti M, Neufeld RWJ, Stevens TK, Densmore M (2007). 
Neural correlates of trauma script-imagery in posttraumatic stress disorder with and without comorbid major depression:  a functional MRI investigation. 
Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging May 15;155(1):45-56

Frewen PA, Lanius RA, Dozois DJA, Neufeld RWJ, Pain C, Hopper JW, Densmore M, Stevens TK (2008). 
Clinical and Neural Correlates of Alexithymia in PTSD. 
Journal of Abnormal Psychology Feb;117(1):171-181.

Swinson, R, Antony M, Chokka P, Katzman M, Van Ameringen M, Kjernisted K, Fallu A, Plamondon J, LeMelledo J-M, Bradwejn J, Bleau P, Lanius R, McIntosh D, Rabheru K, Manassis K, Walker J (July 2006). 
Canadian Guidelines for the Management of Anxiety Disorders.
Canadian Journal of Psychiatry 51 (#8 suppl 2):1S-92S.

Frewen PA, Lanius RA (2006). 
Neurobiology of dissociation:  unity and disunity in mind-body-brain. “An Expanding Window into the Psychobiology of the Mind”
Psychiatr Clin North  Am:  Dissociative Disorders: Mar;29(1):113-128.

Frewen PA, Pain C, Dozois DJA, Lanius RA (2006). 
Alexithymia in PTSD:  Psychometric and fMRI Studies. 
Ann N Y Acad Sci Jul;1071:397-400.

Frewen PA and Lanius RA (2006).
Toward a psychobiology of posttraumatic self-dysregulation:  reexperiencing, hyperarousal, dissociation, and emotional numbing. 
Ann N Y Acad Sci Jul;1071:110-124

Lanius RA, Williamson PC, Bluhm RL, Densmore M, Boksman K, Neufeld RW, Gati JS, Menon RS (2005). 
Functional connectivity of dissociative responses in PTSD:  an fMRI investigation. 
Biol Psychiatry Apr;15;57(8):873-884

Lanius RA, Bluhm R, Lanius U, Pain C (2006). 
A review of neuroimaging studies in PTSD:  heterogeneity of response to symptom provocation. 
J Psychiatr Res  Dec;40(8):709-729.

Lanius RA, Williamson PC, Densmore M, Boksman K, Neufeld RW, Gati JS, Menon RS (2004). 
The Nature of Traumatic Memories:  A 4.0 Tesla fMRI Functional Connectivity Analysis. 
Am J Psychiatry Jan;161(1):36-44.

Lanius RA, Hopper JW, Menon RS (2003). 
Individual differences in a Husband and Wife Who Developed PTSD After a Motor Vehicle Accident: An Functional MRI Case Study. 
Am J Psychiatry Apr;160(4):667-669.

Lanius RA, Williamson PC, Menon RS (2002). 
Neuroimaging of hyperarousal and dissociative states in posttraumatic stress disorder. 
CPA Bulletin 34(4):22-25.

Lanius RA, Williamson PC, Hopper J, Densmore M, Boksman K, Gupta MA, Neufeld RWJ, Gati JS, Menon RS (2003). 
Recall of Emotional States in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder:  A function MRI Investigation. 
Biol Psychiatry Feb;53(3):204-210

Lanius RA, Tuhan, I (2003). 
Stage oriented trauma treatment using dialectical behavior therapy. 
Can J Psychiatry Mar;48(1):61-62 (letter)

Lanius RA, Williamson PC, Boksman K, Densmore M, Gupta M, Neufeld RW, Gati JS, Menon R (2002). 
Brain activation during script-driven imagery induced dissociative responses in PTSD: A functional MRI investigation. 
Biol Psychiatry Aug;52(4):305-311

Lanius RA, Williamson PC, Densmore M, Boksman K, Gupta M, Neufeld RW, Gati JS, Menon R (2001).
Neural Correlates of Traumatic Memories in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Functional MRI Investigation. 
Am J Psychiatry  Nov;158(11):1920-1922

Accepted/In press articles:

Frewen PA & Lanius RA (2010).  
Non-idiographic emotional script-driven imagery in posttraumatic stress disorder:  Impact of priming of episodic recall and self-referential processing.  
J Psychol Vol 218(2)

Frewen P, Dozois D, Neufeld R, Lane R, Densmore M, Stevens T, Lanius R
Individual differences in trait mindfulness predict dorsomedial prefrontal& amygdala response during emotional imagery:  an fMRI study. 
Personality and Individual Differences

Frewen PA, Dozois DJA, Neufeld RWJ, Densmore M, Stevens TK, Lanius RA
Social emotions & emotional valence during imagery in women with PTSD:  affective and neural correlates. 
Psychological Trauma:  Theory, Research, Practice & Policy

Frewen PA, Dozois DJA, Densmore M, Stevens TK, Lanius RA
Self-referential processing in women with PTSD:  affective and neural response. 
Psychological Trauma:  Theory, Research, Practice & Policy

Frewen, P, Lanius RA. 
Disturbances of emotional awareness & expression in PTSD:  meta-mood emotion regulation mindfulness and interference of emotional expressiveness. 
Psychological Trauma:  Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy

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