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Graphic design, wireframe sketches, 3D and layout skills for a variety of projects. As an instructor in the field, I have a passion for teaching people and designing for clients with the highest standards.

Industry experience in the graphic design field consists of in-house production design positions to agency work. Having received recognition from GD (Graphic Design) USA magazine’s annual American Graphic Design Awards in the category of Book Cover Design. Looking forward to doing more work and applying my aesthetic sensibility to the design of products.


My background includes; interactive design, graphic design, 3D modeling / animation, digital imaging and drawing.

Detail WireFrames

Nancy Johns Website

Site for redesign: Nancy Johns Gallery and Framing with the link Key stakeholder is Nancy Johns, who is the owner of the Gallery. She also maintains her own website. Stakeholders could also be the artists who are represented by the gallery and have their work displayed. The target audience; most likely defined as people in the community who would like to use the framing services or are looking for artwork to purchase.

The primary demographic are people who want to buy original artwork or those who would like their work professionally framed. Further they are in the income bracket to support buying original art or not restricted by economic hardship. Further they could be defined as individuals who are culturally interested in the arts. There seems to be a strong female component as far as gender within the primary audience.

A secondary audience would be those who have visited the gallery, and want to get more information about the artwork they saw. These individual could be defined as those who attended an art opening at the Gallery or a passer by. Artists who are represented by the gallery would have an interest in returning to show their work to family or friends, who in turn would also be construed as a secondary audience. The Gallery site has the list of artists represented by the Gallery and photographs of their artwork. The website provides a list of valuable resources in the arts within the community. Currently the products and services of the Gallery are overshadowed by a rather long list of art resources and non-art resources. My recommendation is to bring the artwork (products) and framing (services) as the focus of the site. Making it more interactive, and shorter download times for images by having image files that are compatible to web standards, as the ones presently used have a longer download time and are quite large. Organizing the information to benefit the audience, so that the likelihood that they come to the Gallery to either purchase a product or service will be the goal. Working with the key stakeholder who is the owner will be of benefit to find out if she has analytics running on her site, and to find out if any of her clients are referred to her business from the website information.

Graphic Design - Collateral

Art Direction and Design

Working at Regan Creative / Regan Productions I worked on the Cadillac Dealer Binder and Buick.

Color correcting the photography for vehicles was of primary importance. Using a hooded monitor, I was able to color correct the photography accurately.

Working with the copy writers was essential, as well as the account executive who was in constant contact with the brand manager. It was a team effort to produce the work created at Regan.

3D Modeling and Animation

3D Studio Max

I studied 3D animation and modeling at Sheridan College in the Post-Graduate Certificate Program.

My first job was at the Vivid Group, which was a company in Toronto making virtual reality experience games.

Working with animators, I primarily worked on production, and design. I also learned more about broadcast graphics criteria. The work experience enabled me to get into "how games are made" from the research of taking photographs of movement for modeling purposes to ensuring the natural movement of the character. The green screen aspect of virtual reality in action, and making graphics for the purpose of the games was an enriching experience.

Graphic Design


Featured Graphic Design projects are included above.

Photography, illustrations and layout are shown in these examples.

image of woman

Life Drawings


Drawing is a process of understanding the visual form by applying perspective and proportion.

The approach to an individual's drawing style contributes to the "feeling" or "dramatization" of the subject being drawn.

Experiencing the lines that describe the shapes and forms should be intutitively felt and applied with thought and knowledge.



Compelled by compositing images digitally, I created works of art by scanning in and applying phrases from Kierkagard's EITHER/OR writings directly, then I compiled them with my digital hand drawing using the tools in photoshop.

The meaning spans personal and public spaces of the intimate and private actions associated with reading.

The organic and natural landscape was an inspiration to my drawings.

Lorax Website Project

This project was created as my final project in my Interactive Design Graduate Class in 2014. It began with sketches and storyboards to plan the idea behind the The Lorax.

Animation Reel

Some projects created; Chair/Interior, Bird/Flying, and Butterfly/Station ID

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